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Any machinery if not taken care of will rust eventually! For long lasting use of machineries proper care must be needed. Just like a human body needs a healthy schedule for growing effectively, cars also need to be taken care of. If you use simple cleaning solu Read More

Any machinery if not taken care of will rust eventually! For long lasting use of machineries proper care must be needed. Just like a human body needs a healthy schedule for growing effectively, cars also need to be taken care of. If you use simple cleaning solutions or simple products for car care then you are decreasing your car life day by day. For long lasting car use, visit our car care products category right now! You will find many suitable products for your precious cars.

Car washing clothes:

There are many cars cleaning product of high quality available at Laptab. Such as our car washing glove; using it you will have to work less and quickly. You can wear it in the hands so just wear it and clean any car area you want by just wiping! Over and above, it is not only for car cleaning but also useful for furniture, floors, kitchen use etc.

To boot, you may also try our car washing sponge for effective results. It has high absorption ability for cleaning the car. The use of high quality foam and fibers in it will not destroy your car paint and keep it shine like new. Keep your car away from the danger of scratching and ruining its paint.

Do you often have to visit car washing stations for car cleaning? Are you sick of those car washing shops as they not treat your car with care? Then why not save your money and car as well? Just bring few products for washing car at home! Yes, try our microfiber duster for effectively cleaning your car. You can use it to remove dust from your cars and from your keyboards as well. The cleaning cloth piece and its broom part can be separated so making it easy to use.

For good measure, here is another amazing car care accessory. Our auto water brush has various modes of water supply such as jet and sprayer. It will be a helpful car washing agent and perform two tasks in a convenient way. 

In accordance with, after washing the car, if you let the water dry spontaneously, the water stains remain on the car surface! To get rid of this trouble, try drying the water with the help of a cloth piece. Use of ordinary cloth piece may ruin your cars surfaces. So try drying it with microfiber cleaning towelNo matter you want to clean the crystal surfaces, mirrors, tiles, windows, dishes etc. the microfiber cloths pieces are always remain the ideal choice.

Vent cleaners:

Cleaning and washing the car is somewhat easy but cleaning the groves and the air vents is quite difficult. With the ordinary brush or towels, the air vents cannot be cleaned. So for efficiently cleaning the air vents of your car try car vent cleaning brush. This vent duster can be used to clean the keyboards or anything which have arrow gaps in it. This is a double sided brush; one side has a brush bristles and the second side has microfiber cloth piece for cleaning the window blind slats effectively.

With an eye on the groove cleaning problem; we have other similar products as well. For instance: cleaning of window corners and grooves is a hassle some task. For this purpose, you can try our window door track cleaning brush. So you can use it for air condition cleaning purposes.

If you are worried about how to clean your car wheels or it’s hard to reach areas then try using our car wheel brush that is especially designed to kill hard to reach areas of the car wheels. It is a perfect brush for wheels having coating of alloy, chrome, anodized and is polished.

Car cleaning products:

As long as the car washing is concerned from outside; likewise interior seats of car also need to be washed with great care. We at Laptab have solution for this as well. Try using our leather cleaner for cleaning the car interior. This mother’s leather cleaner formula is made with keeping in mind to remove stains, dirt from your precious seats.

Here is another amazing way of cleaning car windscreen even when you are on the go! Yes, try using windscreen cleaning tablets; even you are on camping site, or other picnic site, these pills are portable. Just add the pill in maximum 4L water and these effervescent tablets will clean the glass and make it look like a new one. These are ideal for removing hard to remove stains.

Car repair products:

Are you looking for your car dent solutions at home! Don’t want to go to car stations for little dents? Then try using a car dent suction cup that is designed for self car repairing purpose. It can pull out metal dents in your car with the help of quick release handle. This will save you from spending too much on your car body in car service shops.

Over and above, for the small car scratcher often you have to bear too much costly repair visits to car service stations. Why not use a car scratch remover? It is a non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant clear coat suitable for any type of car.

With an eye to remove minor scratch, swirls, haze we have an amazing unique formula scratch out! If your car has light duty paint issues, or water spotting then this formula scratch out is perfect for your car. To boot, it is suitable for removing minor paint marks.

Now you can even polish your precious car body with your own hands! Say goodbye to car service stations as you can take care of your car at home from now on. Try car polishing machine offered to you by Laptab. Save your time and money with its effective hand held design.

Do you want to make your car more unique and prominent? Then you may buy accessories for increasing its charm; for instance: our car door handle covers are one of them. These stylish chrome cover fit perfectly and will give your car new look.

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