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Copper Fit Back Pro Lower Back Support Belt

Rs. 1350 Rs. 2199 38% off

Renkai Body Vibra Slimming RK-005

Rs. 2999 Rs. 3500 14% off

The aluminum wallet ALUMA WALLET(Pack of 3)

Rs. 999 Rs. 2000 50% off

Small Dolphin Massager

Rs. 2899 Rs. 4000 27% off

Easy Feet Cleans and Massages Your Feet

Rs. 1049 Rs. 1499 30% off

WaxVac Ear Cleaner

Rs. 950 Rs. 2399 60% off

BuPops A Dent

Rs. 1199 Rs. 1699 29% off

Beauty Body Mobile-Gym EMS Toner

Rs. 2799 Rs. 3299 15% off

E-lite Fan Heater

Rs. 2800 Rs. 3599 22% off

Nose Up Lifting Shaping Beauty Clip

Rs. 999 Rs. 1500 33% off

Infrared Kneading Foot Massager

Rs. 3599 Rs. 5000 28% off

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2000 25% off

Neck Massager For Men & Women

Rs. 2199 Rs. 2599 15% off

Pillow Massage With Music

Rs. 1800 Rs. 3199 43% off

As Seen on TV Products

There are hundreds of innovations being made, and thousands of new inventions being introduced in the market. You see every day a new product launch. Whatsoever, these priceless additions in the market, are meant to make your life easier in one way or the other. As Seen on TV products are amongst those highly-rated, and assured products that have gained the confidence of many people around the world. So what is special about these products? What is actually there that has made As seen on TV market as one of the top-trending markets of the World?

The answer is simple: Convenience. This industry has helped the common person by making their life easier with the help of new easy-to-use products. These products are growing rapidly in the market places, and people rush to buy them. These products provide the best convenience, and durability. Most of all, the most amazing aspect: They make your hardest of works look easy, and fun!


Buy as seen on TV products online in Pakistan


As seen on TV products are available in the market, but due to the high demand, and low-cost of the products as compared to its mind-blowing uses has caused several discrepancies amongst the retailers. Many offered products are not original, and therefore not credible to perform their respective function. If credible then usually they are not durable. It is necessary that the money you are spending on the product should not go to any waste, and the best could be get out of them.

For such purposes, Laptab is now offering a wide range of as seen on TV products. As stated earlier these products are easy to use and make our daily tasks fun, and less time-consuming. Follow Laptab to explore great inventions.


Shop As Seen on TV in Pakistan


Many believe that such great products are not easily available in Pakistan. We have established this earlier that such marvelous products are already available online on Laptab. Explore Laptab to learn about great deals on amazing products that do wonderful job. These various products are sub-divided in categories such as miscellaneous items. This category holds

  • Pops a dent
  • Nose up lifter
  • Innovative drinking water pump
  • Fix it pro

And many more!

Stylish Irons, Cleaners, Massagers, Gardening Accessories, and beautiful racks to make your house look spacious are few of the sub categories that hold a wider range of As seen on TV products.


Now it is a lot stress-free, handy, and hassle free to shop as-seen-on TV online in Pakistan. Get your home equipped with hundreds of items to make your life easier, and self-sufficient.

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