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Best laptop charger in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Shop Laptop chargers online in Pakistan

When buying a device, we spend lots of money to get the best out of all the options. That also includes the best genuine charger for charging your devices. But after time passes by, the power adapters begin malfun Read More

Shop Laptop chargers online in Pakistan

When buying a device, we spend lots of money to get the best out of all the options. That also includes the best genuine charger for charging your devices. But after time passes by, the power adapters begin malfunctioning, and we replace them with the cheapest ones we can find. Why is that? The cheap and low-quality chargers can cause harm to your device battery. Because of this, a time comes when you encounter a situation where you need to replace the battery as well. To get away from such a case, why not invest in some good quality chargers for the greater good?

When to replace the computer adapter?

If you notice that the Laptop you are using has issues with charging or if the light on the Adapter is not operating, then it is time to replace the Adapter. Laptop power adapters are not hard to get as they are available online as well as in the computer shops. What you need to do is to see what websites provide suitable adapters online and if they are compatible with your device.


How to choose the correct Adapter for your Laptop?

The type and size of your laptop charger depend on a couple of factors such as your Laptop’s brand, model, and year, etc. Due to a large variety of adapters out in the market, you need to be attentive while selecting the best charger to fit your device. Things you need to consider are:

1. Find Laptop’s model number

The laptop model number is the unique number located on the bottom or on the side of a laptop. You can also find it in the user manual or search the computer built-in help program for the model number.

2. Find your voltage requirements

Besides the model number, one will have to find the wattage requirements for the concerned Adapter. Different adapters have different voltage outputs, thus using the wrong Adapter might damage one’s computer. You should check the user manual for the voltage requirements for the Laptop.

3.Compatibility with your Laptop:

You should go through the compatibility list in descriptions of the laptop adapters. Usually, the compatible laptops models are mentioned in the product description & specifications. Laptop model numbers can look similar, so make sure the model numbers match perfectly.


Chargers from Top brands:

A few of the top brands are listed here:

· Acer charger

· Apple

· Asus

· Dell

· HP

· Lenovo

Acer Laptop Adapter:

The Acer company is among the top selected few top-class companies in the world in electronics goods. The Acer laptop chargers include either Small pin (3.0 x 1.0 mm) or Large Pin (5.5 x 1.7 mm) Adapter. Laptab has a broad range of the latest Acer laptop adapters to suit all the Acer laptops available. Discover the best match for your notebooks and get the most exceptional adapters for them.


Apple Laptop Adapters:

Unlike other laptop adapters, Apple MacBooks use a proprietary MagSafe cable or a Thunderbolt (USB-C) cable to charge. To determine which Adapter you need, please buy one with the exact features as your previous Adapter or consult some expertise before purchasing. We have an extensive collection of Apple MackBook Chargers from which you can choose freely and pick the one that suits your device the best.


Asus Chargers:

Asus is a good company when it comes to laptops. Overall, the reliability of Asus laptops and chargers is excellent, their prices are affordable, and their support is extremely convenient. Therefore, it won’t be a wrong choice to get replacement Asus Laptop chargers for your laptops. The laptops charge from one of the two adapters, standard “C” Adapter (5.5 x 2.5 mm) or Optional (4.0 x 1.35 mm) Adapter. Just don’t forget to see which one is compatible with your device. Select for yourself at our Asus Charger store.


Dell Charger:

Dell chargers are specifically designed with the built-in protection to protect your computer against unexpected power surge damages. Besides, they feature stable voltage and noise reduction. So it is safe to say that the replacement Dell charger will not cause any harm to your device as long as you buy the original ones with profound care. To get genuine quality adapters, why not visit our Dell INSPIRON charger site?

You can get Laptop adapters at remarkable price tags at The products offered by us are of most exceptional quality as we would never want our dear customers to compromise on products bought online.

Stay Happy & Enjoy Shopping!



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