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Hey Guys! What are you doing in your life; follow busy and scheduled life? Now let take a break and come on getting ready for an adventurous world tour having lots of games, movies and, many more other things like the visit of historical and sacred places.

OHO! Do you have not money or time due to having a hectic routine in which vacations are seldom? But now there is no need for too much money. LAPTAB brings a wonderful package to contain all of this entertainment; in the form of VR Glasses.

Yes! It is true now you can enjoy all of this stuff in your budget by getting our VR Glasses from the Mobile Accessories which are packed in the main category of Electronics. So just get ready for taking a ride of the World full of enjoyment.

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Xtreme VR Virtual Reality Headset with Headphone-White

Rs. 1899 Rs. 3500 45% off

ONN VR Virtual Reality Headset -Blue

Rs. 1650 Rs. 3500 52% off

2nd Generation VR Glasses with Bluetooth Remote

Rs. 1749 Rs. 2699 35% off

V300 3D Glasses HD VR House + Remote Video Glasses

Rs. 2399 Rs. 6399 62% off

Vr S-Mac Box 3D Virtual Reality

Rs. 2100 Rs. 3100 32% off

VR Gaming- Real Feel Motocross Mobile VR

Rs. 1899 Rs. 3600 47% off

VR i7 3D Virtual Sponge Helmet Glasses

Rs. 1899 Rs. 3000 36% off

VR Headset with Remote and Bluetooth- Tzumi

Rs. 1999 Rs. 3799 47% off

ReTrak - Virtual Reality Headset - Black

Rs. 2000 Rs. 3800 47% off

3D VR Glasses with Bluetooth Remote

Rs. 1799 Rs. 8599 79% off

ReTrak ETVRARZOO 4D Utopia 360- VR Headset

Rs. 1990 Rs. 3550 43% off

3D Google Virtual Reality Advanced Glasses

Rs. 2499 Rs. 4500 44% off

Our collection of Virtual Reality Glasses provides you multiple options from which you can choose and pick your desired one. Such as ONN VR Glasses, EVO VR Headset, and many more. All of these have amazing features that have been designed for your entertainment and comfort. Except for playing lots of games and watching movies, you can also use it for educational purposes. According to the sources, these VR Headsets are helpful in practical subjects like the training of the military or practice of medical surgeries, etc.

So you can also get benefit from them by using its great functions.

Feel yourself in the game or scene with premium lens and Handlebar etc

The lenses of these VR Headsets provide you an actual view with protection in which you can feel your presence while playing games, watching movies, or having a ride of any world’ corner. Such as 3D Virtual Reality Glasses which has Fresnel lenses that protect your eyes. Some VR Glasses engage you physically too; you can react to whatever you watch or play especially in games. Like Gaming VR Glasses gives you a real bike ride with its handlebar.

Enjoy Lightweight and Comfortable Design

To step in the fun just wear these lightweight glasses. These have comfortable straps that help to fix it on your head and you can enjoy it comfortably. The VR Mac Glasses is one of the best examples of it that has an ergonomic design with a wide facial interface to provide you comfort.

Control your Activities

You can control whatever you watch or play with Bluetooth Remote. Just like Bluetooth Remote Control 3D Glasses from which you can control your activities like play, reverse, stop, play a game, and many other tasks, etc from this Bluetooth remote.

Sound Energizes You

In the 3D virtual world, sound energizes you. Some of them have headphones and earbuds to provide you a proper environment for fun just like Shinecon6.0 VR.

So just fix your phone (android, I phone) in these glasses and welcomes the fun that never ends with these high quality VR Glasses of LAPTAB.

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