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Welcome to the Laptab men fashion accessories category!

Let’s talk about fashion. Fashion is not about brands, nor is it about wearing something pricey. However, it’s all about uni Read More

Welcome to the Laptab men fashion accessories category!

Let’s talk about fashion. Fashion is not about brands, nor is it about wearing something pricey. However, it’s all about unique style that comes from within you. Fashion is just the sign of who you are. Fashion is all about your personal tastes. It improves ones personal appearance.

Here at Laptab we have many men fashion related products. Under mentioned, is the brief detail about them.

Men wallet:

Some people prefer to hold wallet in their hands, while some like to place it in pockets!

We at laptab have versatile wallets for men ranging from hand wallets to pocket wallets. One of them is slim wallet. The men slim wallet has many slots for placing your ID cards, receipts, your driving license etc. You can also place a family photo, cash in the separate cash compartment and many more. In short, every important card you need with you can be placed in this slim wallet.

Even if you are travelling somewhere far like out of country or out of your city so in that case you also need to have essential documents, passports, credit cards, debit cards, keys, and license with you. For this purpose, we have many travel wallet organizer as well.

You can try our best passport holder which will work as a great travel helper as it not only have ability to keep your passport safe also have enough space to hold your many travel essentials. It has many slots like zipper, card holder slots, mesh pockets, and compartments for holding your boarding pass.

It is one of the best travel things organizers you will ever get!

Cool baseball caps:

Men used to go out for outdoor activities a lot. For such activities, baseball cap is one of the must have product. Whether you are going for hiking, camping, cycling or any other activity our baseball cap serve for that purpose. It has bright 5 LED lights which are easy to turn on and off. This cap is also beneficial for reading, or to look for something in darkness.

If you want to look unique and more versatile than others then you can have a look at our Chitrali cap. Its quality is that it is fully handmade hat that is soft from inside. Over and above, for your outdoor activities you can get yourself a bonny hat that is perfect for camping, hiking, cycling etc. It will be extremely helpful during hot summer days.

Best menswear:

Cross body bag is very trendy nowadays. No matter where are you going you can take your important little accessories in this bag safe with you.

As the saying goes ‘’health is wealth’’. Keeping in check of your health is an essential part of life. We have Adidas Men's Tracksuit whose soft fabric will be extremely comfortable to wear while jogging, walking, running or while playing sports.

Men dress shirts often develop wrinkles soon after wearing; such wrinkles on the shirts looks very difficult. But no worries, to solve these issues men can try using belt with non-slip locking clips to keep a fresh look for a whole day. These clips can grip your shirt effectively all-day.


Laptab take special care for its customers when it comes to their safety. While you are going to enjoy outdoor parties, sunglasses are one of the important things one needs to put on. You can try our Unisex Wayfarer Sunglasses that are extremely light weight, stylish and comfortable for use.

Beard shaping styling template:

Say goodbye to the salon barber! Style your beard at home by yourself using our portable beard styling template. With this you can get many different looks and styles you want.

Best grooming kit for men:

Many men want to maintain their looks while staying home. For such men, we at Laptab have many beard shavers . This beard trimmer has 5 different cutter head to trim different hair on your face. It will give you a perfect shave.

Men can make themselves look elegant without going to barber’s shop. We have electrical beard and hair Straightener for you. Within minutes, men can style their hair and straighten their beards that will make them look more decent.

Pocket watch:

If you are an antique lover, then our pocket watch chain is the perfect choice for you. These pocket watches can act as a portable timepiece as a well as a necklace. Is not it beautifully attractive? Also, it is a perfect way to show someone your personal taste.

Mesh wedding rings:

For married couples we at Laptab have stainless steel mesh wedding rings  that have eye-catching mesh grid pattern. These are made to stay long-lasting and can be easily noticeable. Those people who prefer to match their wedding rings, for them a set of couple rings that come together is a good option.

Also, we have trendy vintage men ERTUGRUL thumb ring, which is an ideal gift for ERTUGAL GHAZI series lovers.

In short, everything a person can want is available at our online shopping site at the reach of your one click.

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