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Battrey operated Toy Fish Aquarium Bowl for Kids

Rs. 999 Rs. 1399 28% off

Classic 12 Double Sided Original Dart Board Game

Rs. 1199 Rs. 1600 25% off

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car - Blue & Silver

Rs. 1550 Rs. 2900 46% off

Magic Carriage Music & Light Horse Carriage

Rs. 1350 Rs. 1999 32% off

Top Styler

Rs. 5599 Rs. 8500 34% off

JHW-V66 Crystal Car Bluetooth Speakers

Rs. 2100 Rs. 2699 22% off


Rs. 899 Rs. 1299 30% off

Twister - 6200

Rs. 1150 Rs. 1399 17% off

Button Board - Color

Rs. 1499 Rs. 1899 21% off

Ring Tower - Wooden

Rs. 899 Rs. 1199 25% off


Rs. 1299 Rs. 1699 23% off

Risk - The game of Global Domination

Rs. 1699 Rs. 1950 12% off

Bestway - Play Area - 52056

Rs. 6999 Rs. 7999 12% off

Pictionary - 2 Level of Clues - 0125D

Rs. 5350 Rs. 5650 5% off

Building Blocks - 50 Pieces - 6815

Rs. 3415 Rs. 3715 8% off

Play Gym with Mat - 023-27 Meying

Rs. 3600 Rs. 4200 14% off

Tool Set 008-21

Rs. 2699 Rs. 3299 18% off

Winfun - Ride on Train 0803

Rs. 7299 Rs. 8999 18% off

Why Toys for your baby?


Baby toys and games play a vital role in the life of your child. Toys and stuff are deemed as important and the most significant building blocks in the cognitive, physical, and mindful development. They are important for another great reason. They provide a connection between you and your toddler and an opportunity for engagement. Toys and games for toddlers are also a source of entertainment for them.

The most important aspect of parenting is choosing the right thing for your baby. Choosing toys also fall in the same category. Visiting markets, and searching for the products consume up so much of your energy, and time, and you may end up getting nothing beneficial in your hand eventually.




Laptab is now offering its customers a life-long relationship of trust. With the introduction of this new category especially dedicated to Baby and Toys, you can now explore your favorite toys from the widest of range. With the ease of assessing each product yourself, you can choose the best fit for your child. The shopping is made more convenient as the products are dropped right at your doorstep.


Buy Baby Products and Toys Online


Laptab offers great deals and unmatched offers from which you can get benefit from with their online toys shopping in Pakistan. We have already served more than a hundred thousand customers and the number is increasing exponentially! This shows the quality and value of the products we offer to our customers. From hundreds of baby and toys products available in our online shop, we have further sub-divided into categories so that you can buy the products according to your needs.


The most amazing offered sub-category is Learning and Education. These toys and products actually help your child boost creativity and imagination. Choosing the right thing is the right priority, isn’t it?


Moreover, Electronic Toys are also available for the kiddos who take immense interest in electrical/mechanical mechanisms. Such products sub-consciously transform the thinking structure of one’s mind and help it grow in a particular direction.


Action Figures and statues are also present for the children who are into DC, and Marvel movies a lot! Kids develop an interest in cartoon characters, and getting a positive inspiration out of them is another method you can encourage your child to learn right.


Who can miss Puzzle and Board Games? These amazing games have been tickling our brains and challenging our instincts from a very long time. Providing opportunities for challenges to children is important in their upbringing.


Easily buy baby products and toys online without any hassle and inconvenience. Laptab offers many creative games, and accessories for the toddlers that can, in fact, help them in their growing intellect. There’s a large variety of products to choose from.


Online toys shopping in Pakistan has never been too easy, and enjoyable. Don’t waste your time, and jump in the amazing world of Amazing products Laptab has to offer!

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