Best food storage container and jars in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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LAPTAB has a wonderful variety of Food Storage Containers & Lunch Boxes which are packed in the Read More

LAPTAB has a wonderful variety of Food Storage Containers & Lunch Boxes which are packed in the Kitchen Accessories with other many subcategories like Kitchen Organizer.

Food Storage Containers

We bring lots of attractive designs of Food storage containers in which you can store your food. You can keep your cooked food in lid boxes of different shapes and sizes. Even you can also store your grocery items in these containers like rice, grains, cereals, and other dry items. These are high-quality food jars that are not unhygienic. These organize your food products and make your life easier. So get and add in your routine.

Different kinds of Cereal/ grain dispensers are ready to store your food

  • Wall-Mounted Cereal Containers widen your space.
  • Push and get your desired amount of food from a Single Wall-Mounted Food Dispenser. 
  • Food storage large container with 6 grids can keep your grocery items like rice, grains, etc safe.
  • You can save your cereal, flakes, porridge, etc in Cereal Food Dispenser and make your breakfast easy.
  • Plastic Food Storage Jars are variants in sizes like 2500ml, 3000ml, and 1500ml.

Glass and Plastic Storage Bowls with Lids for storing food

  • Rectangular Glass Bowls with plastic lids keep your food hygienic.
  • Bread Box large in size with air-tight feature

Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are always in demand whether you are in school, college, university, or even in the office. A Lunch Box with healthy food is a source of expressing love for you from your family. So let's choose a lunch box that meets your all needs and facilitates you through its durable material and smart design.

Electric lunch boxes

Let hot your food anywhere at any time in Electric Lunch Box. It has a removable wire; put it into the socket and enjoy warm and delicious food.

Heat preservation lunch box with three layers

                This three-layered lunch box can keep your lots of food and keep it hot also due to vacuum material and design. That is why you can use it for family/friends' outdoor gatherings.

Except for this silicone stretchable lids are also available to convert any bowl into an air-tight jar.

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