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Chejieba Auto Water Brush

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Key Featuers

  • Trilateral Brush Head
  • Good Elasticity and Holder
  • Flexible and soft brush fur


Despite the fact that throughout the country, each city has a sufficient number of complexes for washing cars. They are automated, or you are serviced by a person or you can wash the car yourself using the equipment of the car wash owner. But when it comes to economic benefits, it is most convenient to buy the necessary items and detergents. It is not always advisable to go to the car wash if the car is only slightly dirty. One of the universal items that will help to clean the car is a brush with a nozzle on the hose Auto Water Brush Chejieba. For efficient brush operation, only a high-pressure water supply hose is required. Key features and characteristics of Auto Water Brush Chejieba:Brand: Chejieba

The brush cleans not only the car from the outside, but also the terrace, windows, facade, swimming pools, stairs (not made of wood), fences and other objects whose materials can be wetted. · There are modes of water supply: jet and sprayer. · The three-sided brush and a nozzle on a hose are made of high quality materials: aluminum + plastic. · Convenient handle that will allow you to brush even hard-to-reach corners. · The set includes a universal adapter for connection to a number of standardized water supply hoses, which ensures a uniform flow of water without water leakage at the connection point.

Flexible and medium-hard bristles made of synthetic fibers, which qualitatively clean even old dirt without damaging the surface. The limbs of the pile are sparse, and the length of the villi is optimal, which allows you to clean even small and deep cracks. · A separate bottle for detergent with the ability to adjust the amount of its supply. The capacity is transparent, so it will be convenient to control its fullness. But you can apply cleaning powder directly on the surface of the brush, which will provide no less quality removal of dirt. · Brush color is blue, adapter is black.

The nozzle is compact, does not take up much space in the car or on the shelf. The length of the nozzle is 25 cm. The Chejieba nozzle, which will turn a hose with water into professional equipment for washing external surfaces, must be in your pantry or in the trunk of the car. In addition, the brush is in an affordable price segment with high quality. Therefore, you should buy several at once: for father-in-law or son-in-law, godfather or matchmaker. A great option for a gift for any occasion or just to show your care for family. Imagine how much easier it will be to wash the pool with the Auto Water Brush Chejieba brush at the end of the warm season, and the dust-gray facade of the house will become snow-white again in one go.

After use, it is recommended to dry the brush before hiding it in the package so that the material does not get wet and mold does not appear. Also, the brush should be placed as far away from flammable objects as possible, so it is important to dry it naturally. How is the goods completed? Brush-nozzle Auto Water Brush Chejieba, adapter for water hose, detergent capacity. Everything is securely packed in a cardboard wrapper from the manufacturer.

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  • Model: HA-1012
  • Dimensions: Approx 55 x 5 x 8 cm
  • Made in China

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