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Any Cast Hdmi Wifi Dongle M4 Plus 1080

Rs. 1949 Rs. 2999 35% off

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4C

Rs. 2990 Rs. 3698 19% off

Xiaomi mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition

Rs. 5250 Rs. 6790 22% off

Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Wireless

Rs. 4000 Rs. 5280 24% off

Google Chromecast Ultra

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3475 28% off

EZCast HDMI Dongle Wifi Display Receiver

Rs. 3400 Rs. 4399 22% off

Anycast HDMI Wifi Dongle 1080P

Rs. 1999 Rs. 4599 56% off

HDMI wifi Dongle MeLe S3

Rs. 3399 Rs. 6999 51% off

Google Chromecast

Rs. 6600 Rs. 8500 22% off

Wireless-N Wifi Repeater 802 300Mbps Range Expander

Rs. 2800 Rs. 3200 12% off

Portable 3G SIM Wireless Router

Rs. 3599 Rs. 6900 47% off

SA - P202A WIFI Smart Socket - WHITE

Rs. 2649 Rs. 3599 26% off

Huawei 4G LTE WIfi Wingle E8372

Rs. 3499 Rs. 3699 5% off

WIFI Dongle 3G WIFI Router

Rs. 3499 Rs. 4000 12% off

Wireless 2-in-1 audio reciever and transmitter

Rs. 2100 Rs. 2600 19% off

Welcome to Laptab.com where everything that you desire is available. You and your family get to purchase all the gadgets that they wish for. For our customers who love to be smarter and convenient than ever before, they are in the right place. Laptab.com.pk understands the needs of its customers. This is why we have the best suited and perfect techy-devices that you would love to make a part of your daily lives. People who work in offices prefer to make presentations on their mobile phones. A very important reason behind this is convenience. Mobile phones contain all of that a laptop can accommodate.

What if we tell you that you can now enjoy the features of a laptop on a mobile phone? But the real problem lies in presenting the presentation to your colleagues. Laptab brings out the HDMI WiFi Dongles at the best price in Pakistan. This ideal device will let you connect with your Smart TV and *Whoosh* now you can share your screen. You can share the screen with your colleagues “Wirelessly”. It is sanely possible now! EZcast WiFi Dongle, Miracast, HDMI Wireless Dongle, and Google Chromecast are the few amongst many. Know more about this gadget and fall in love with is.

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