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Rubber Spray Paint for All Cars

Rs. 1149 Rs. 1495 23% off

10Pcs Car Truck Anti-skid Chains For Winter Snow Rain

Rs. 2449 Rs. 3199 23% off

Steel Mate Air Compressor

Rs. 3199 Rs. 3999 20% off

Hydraulic bottle lifting jack 5 Ton Car sedan

Rs. 2350 Rs. 2950 20% off

Brake Caliper Cover Front Brake

Rs. 1399 Rs. 1649 15% off

Car Styling Aluminum Tire Rim Valve Wheel Stem Caps

Rs. 299 Rs. 800 62% off

Auto Car Tire Repair Kit Tubeless Tire Tyre Puncture

Rs. 649 Rs. 1600 59% off

Cyclone Heavy Duty Air Compressor

Rs. 2750 Rs. 4000 31% off

Flamingo Tire Sealant

Rs. 600 Rs. 999 39% off

Pct-6231 Precision Tire Pressure Guage

Rs. 1199 Rs. 1800 33% off

Digital Tire pressure Gauge

Rs. 1075 Rs. 1700 36% off

Tire Pressure monitoring system Air Alert

Rs. 530 Rs. 800 33% off

Aircompressor Air Dragon

Rs. 2800 Rs. 3930 28% off

2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Lifting Jack

Rs. 1850 Rs. 2200 15% off

Portable DC 12V Air Compressor

Rs. 1100 Rs. 3500 68% off

Wheels are regarded as one of the most significant inventions of all time. They made possible the advances in means of commute. Hence, whenever you are out on the road, wheels provide their best support to keep your vehicle running. But everything is prone to wear & tear, and off-course wheels are no exception. They suffer the harsh roads and bear the weight of your vehicle while giving you a peaceful ride. Therefore, it's your responsibility to keep them in their best shape and bless them the care and attention they deserve. To do that, Laptab is here to help you with everything you need. We offer an extensive range of Car wheel accessories that can help you keep your wheels in their best-running state. Here is a brief introduction to our best-selling wheel accessories.

Puncture Repair accessories

Keeping puncture repair accessories with yourself is a smart choice. Sometimes it so happens that you are out on the road and your vehicle tire gets punctured. You don't have a spare tire, neither a puncture repair kit nor you can find a mechanic to repair it for you. Just like that, things get pretty scary. Hence, it is always advised to keep some necessary wheel accessories with you every time. One of our best selling product i.e., Tire Puncture Liquid, is an Emergency tire sealant & inflator designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks.  It is 100% applicable to breach within 6mm on tubeless rubber tires of cars, motorcycles, electric bicycles. Neither jack nor tire-change is needed. One step procedure of tires pumping and repairing is finished in seconds.

Apart from it, we also recommend having Tire Puncture Repair Kit that is an excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel. It is quick and easy to repair tire in a matter of minutes. Essential for vehicles with tubeless tires. So, save yourself from unwanted situations and consider putting these products in your car.

Pressure Gauge

Keeping things balanced is necessary. If you fill too much gas in the tubes of the tire, they wear out comparatively fast. Therefore, it is smart to keep a check on the amount & pressure of the gas at the time of filling. Digital Pressure Gauge can keep a check on that in your stead. It provides accurate measurements with high precision. Also, it is universal for all cars, motorbikes, or other vehicles.

Hydraulic Jack

In earlier times, it was considered very difficult to make changes to the car by oneself, and they had to bring the vehicle to repair shops for every single repair. But it has become a hundred times easier nowadays. Similar is the case for changing the tires of a car. You can lift the vehicle with the help of Hydraulic Jack and continue with the changing and replacing of the tire with minimum efforts.

Snow chains

During snowy winter, too many accidents occur because of snow on the roads. To have a safe journey on such snow blankets, we highly recommend using Snow Chains that provide extra grip to your tires and help stabilize your car over the snow. But don't forget to take them off once you are on the clear road.


Along with all the wheel accessories and stuff, Laptab.com has also brought a smooth conveyance for the daily routine outing in the form of Hover-board and Kick Scooter. In the Past, scooter and hover boards have always been looked upon as young people's plaything - but with a few recent releases, these scooters are no longer just for fun. They are a convenient and reliable way to get around.

Laptab.com.pk resides the best lowest prices of products all over Pakistan alongside the best quality. We stick to our motto of "Jo Dikhta Hai, Wohi milta hai." Thus, don't hesitate and shop the best only at Laptab!

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