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Digital devices like laptop, tablets, and mobiles have become the need of today, and obviously, these are expensive as well. So the protection of these things matter a lot, and they should be in the right place where they safe properly just like laptop bags for laptops, tablet pouches for tablets and so on. According to the need of this digital age, LAPTAB presents a collection of laptop bags in Pakistan and tablet pouches from the category of laptop accessories to facilitate you.

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Dockers Bag

Rs. 2899 Rs. 4000 27% off

Brinch 14.1 inch Laptop Waterproof Bag

Rs. 2250 Rs. 2650 15% off

Brinch BW-196 15.6 Inch Bag

Rs. 2599 Rs. 2974 12% off

Brinch BW 206 Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch

Rs. 2599 Rs. 2999 13% off

I Pad Cover Zip

Rs. 1250 Rs. 1599 21% off

Antitheft Bag with Lock B03

Rs. 2600 Rs. 3999 34% off

Feby 2 Laptop Shoulder Backpack

Rs. 2399 Rs. 2999 20% off

Remoid Branded Shoulder Bag

Rs. 2399 Rs. 2999 20% off

Laptop Sleeve 15.6 Inch Premium Soft - Silver

Rs. 1350 Rs. 1999 32% off

Neoprene Handle Sleeve For Laptop 15.6 Inch - Black

Rs. 1500 Rs. 2500 40% off

Laptop Sleeve 15.6 Inch Jlyifan Needle Felt Busniess

Rs. 1300 Rs. 2000 35% off

SwissGear Cross Mini Bag

Rs. 1999 Rs. 2499 20% off

School College Bag Fashion Backpack - Dasfour Pink

Rs. 3349 Rs. 3949 15% off

Mickey Mouse Stuffed School Bag Backpack For kids

Rs. 2550 Rs. 3000 15% off

Anti Theft Laptop Bag

Rs. 2600 Rs. 3500 25% off

Hama Tortuga 15.6

Rs. 2199 Rs. 2499 12% off

Lenovo Thinkpad T300 Laptop Bag

Rs. 2750 Rs. 3500 21% off

School Business Travel Bag - Waterproof Backpack

Rs. 3499 Rs. 4299 18% off

Laptop bags are available in different sizes from 13-17 inches, designs, and colours, especially black and grey prominently with decent combinations. Most of the laptop bags have options to carry it on the shoulder or in hands as well. So that you can keep it according to your need and nature of circumstances, it all depends on you that which size, colour, and design suits you to protect your laptop, tablets, and worthy belongings smartly.

Shoulder laptop bags:-

As there are many kinds of laptop bags so here we discuss some of them just like Remoid branded shoulder bag with high-quality stuff which is great for your laptop. Except it, the Slim bag for 13.3 inches, slim laptop bag of 14.6 inches, and laptop bag for 15.6 inches are here. While some latest articles are also available here with different designs and stuff like frosted fabric bag and Leatherette laptop bag are also here for different sizes.

Backpack laptop bags:-

We have Backpack bags which are not only benefitted for you to keep the laptop in it; in fact, the accessories of yours also carry in it easily. That is why it is so preferable for travelling, business tours. Besides in universities and colleges, it is best for students and teachers as well to keep laptop save along notes, notebook and some any other kind of accessory. There are different brands and sizes in it, such as Dell urban backpack for 15.6 inches in grey colour, Lenovo backpack for 15.6 inches laptop. British Brinch backpack for a laptop of 14-15.6 inches has multiple functions as it can make useable for shoulders, for back, and to carry in hand as well just other our other 3in 1 laptop bags. A waterproof backpack is a multifunctional bag that is best for school, business and travelling. School, college bags like Dasfour pink bag and Mickey Mouse Stuffed bag for kids also here.

Additionally, we also deal with anti-theft bags to protect your belongings like mobile, tablets, laptop, money and anything in the form of anti-theft bag and anti-theft bag B03 with lock.

Sleeve for laptops:-

If you are not interesting to hang or carry bag than its ok sleeves are here to just keep it in your hand and be smart. Premium soft sleeve is available in different sizes for your laptops vary in sizes. Such as Macbook 13 inch sleeve and for 15.6 inches laptop as well. Macbook bravo 15.4 inches, 13.3 inches, laptop red line sleeve in different sizes of 10, 13, 14.7, 15.6, and 17 inches are available at our platform at reasonable prices.

Covers for tabs/ Tablet pouch:-

There are many pouches, or covers are here to save your tablets like our Tablet bubble pouch of 10 inches cover your beloved and worthy tablet with your desired colour like black, grey, and silver colour. If you have the tablet of 8 inches than its ok, it also is protected through our tablet pouch of 8 inches.

To sum up, we deal with a lot of variety as about to your daily routine, whether it is the matter of your car, laptop, household, fashion or whatever. So laptop bags are one of the categories from our huge collection from which you can get anything at reasonable prices just like our affordable laptop bags price in Pakistan.

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