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Best kingston microsd memory card in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Buy Kingston Micro SD Memory Card Online in Pakistan

The start of 20th century brought a lot of technological advancements in the society. One of such a Read More

Buy Kingston Micro SD Memory Card Online in Pakistan

The start of 20th century brought a lot of technological advancements in the society. One of such advancement was computer. These machines work with amalgamation of various components. Even single component missing or left intentionally would cause the machine to work in an abnormal manner OR the machine would not simply work. One such component was its Memory. The memory acted as its storage capacity to retain any information that was fed in, or stored in the computer.


One of the first few storage devices was so huge that you had to drag them from place to another in a room, and even its storage capacity was not enough to retain all of the useful information.


What change has been made with time, now? Read on to unleash…


As the time passed, the size of storage devices decreased whereas their storage capacity increased! Such an example of this wonder can be seen now in the form of Micro SD card.

Why do you require a Micro SD card?

As computers became smaller, and smaller.. The extent reached to such a possibility that now you have hand-held devices on which you perform dozens, and dozens of your daily tasks. Examples of such marvels are Tablets, Smart Phones, Walkman, touch-pads, and many more! They come up with a specific storage capacity, but you definitely need more space to junk in more, and more loads of data.
If you are keeping movies, or clicking lots of high-quality pictures on your camera, you probably need a good storage. Micro SD cards perform such functions for you with its convenient size, and massive space.

What to look when buying a MicroSD card?

MicroSD cards come in different classes. The prices of different classes of MicrSD card usually follow a trend i.e., Greater the class, higher the price. Now what classes are available in the market?


Class can range from 2 to 10. An SD card of Class 2 means that your card can transfer data at the rate of 2mb/s. Same is the case with Class 10 which signifies that it can transfer data at 10mb/s. Classes are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Online Buy MicroSD Cards

Laptab offers you a wide range of MicroSD cards to choose from. Finding the right one by running through markets is a job that gives lots of hassle. You usually end up getting demotivated. Laptab’s online shop gives you an opportunity to search for the right product and then comparing it with other products that are available online. We are more inclined to satisfy our customers, than to deceive them.

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