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Now a days, with growing security concerns, people are more conscious and alert about their family members’ safety or their employees performance as well as their possession which they have own when they are not present.

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Now a days, with growing security concerns, people are more conscious and alert about their family members’ safety or their employees performance as well as their possession which they have own when they are not present.

Now, you do not need to worry about your loved ones or business while going to long tours or out of stations which makes you insecure or unsatisfied before this advanced technology. Laptab provides the best security system in the form of Wireless CCTV Cameras which are differ from other ordinary security cameras. You can get all sided view on your mobile phone while sitting anywhere throughout the world at any time. For this purpose, we provide you different types of wireless cameras according to different premises including outdoor and indoor setting. Here is an overview for you to select according to your requirement.

Types of CCTV Camera

There are many varieties of CCTV Camera to give security measures for internal as well as open-air premises having different features and specifications.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet camera has cylindrical and long shaped design which is most suitable for outdoors such as parking areas, streets, markets, outside the homes. Outdoor Security Camera is covered with protective casing which prevents the camera from dust, dirt or rain.

Panoramic Wireless IP Camera

Panoramic Camera has 360 degree angle view to get all sided view easily without rotating the camera. You can watch each and every corner of the place on your mobile phone so that nothing will hide from your eyes.

PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Cameras

PTZ Camera has the features of moving left to right, up and down as well as zoom closer or farther the lens to make sure strict security. It has the ability of auto tracking the suspicious actions or people and warn you to follow that person through decided protective area in such a way as when a person is standing in a particular place, camera gives you notification as well as follow that person for about 10 seconds to prevent any incident or mishap. Some of the PTZ Cameras are followed for your convenience.

Mini Camera Wifi

V380 PTZ Camera

Thermal image/ infrared Cameras  

These thermal cameras are specially designed with small LED Lights allow you to monitor your precious and valuable things and places from any thief or burglar in dark places or night time with bright and colorful footage and images regardless of keeping any extra light around the camera. These IP CCTV Cameras give security and protection to you for 24/7 without hiring any extra guard. You can view some of the camera through given links

Dome Cameras

Dome camera is specially designed in dome/ round shape in which direction of lens is difficult to find out which make others/ or thief ambiguous about being monitored. Mini Camera Wifi is compatible for indoor premises such as shops, offices, restaurants, homes and many more.

Features of IP Cameras

Major features and specifications in most of the Wifi CCTV Camera are explained below for your ease and comfort so that you can go through with them and feel satisfied to purchase these cameras from our website

Modes of monitoring

Through using these Wifi IP Cameras, you are able to get live streaming or seeing recorded videos on your mobile phone while sitting any corner of the world. It enables you to feel secured and satisfied about your family members or employees working at your workplace without your presence.  

Wireless Cameras have high quality HD 1080 resolution result to give you clear and obvious view about your home or workplace as well as keen observant about strangers or suspicious actions protecting you from any damage or mishap. It allows you to get footage and images on your smartphone through wireless technology.

Two way Audio Communication

You are not just monitoring your loved ones and workers but also able to listen and talk to them through built in microphone and speaker with clear and obvious sound.  You can instruct or guide them which make feeling in contact with them.

Motion Detection

One of the major features of WIFI Cameras are their Motion Detection which allows you to get notifications or alerts through alarm buzzers or email having snapshots attachment on your smart phone. It works in such a way as when something is happening in front of the camera, it will capture that actions in image format and send you on the spot so that you can take quick actions and secure yourself from any big tragedy regardless of seeing the videos later.  

IR Night Vision Quality

Through infra red night vision feature, you can get facility to observe your possessions, precious things or people in low dim or dark places or at night time with its built in LED lights from 5 – 15 meters distance. You can view on live or make video recording at night without holding any extra light so that it provides you 24 hours security and also makes you relaxed and satisfied.

Storage capacity and playback videos

Last but not least, it has massive storage capacity by inserting different ranges of SD Card so that you can record unlimited videos and images without worrying about insufficient space. As well as, different IP Cameras have the options of loop recording which explained as the older videos will be remove automatically and save new ones without any hurdle of formatting the Card.

Moreover, you can save all your valuable data in PC or Laptop and playback the videos in any media player despite of any complex installation.

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