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Car Holder With Charging Cable - Lightning+Micro+Type C

Rs. 2949 Rs. 3949 25% off

Car Mount Mobile Phone Holder

Rs. 700 Rs. 1250 43% off

Smartphone Windshield Dashboard holster desk mount

Rs. 599 Rs. 1200 50% off

Universal Mobile Car Phone Holder and Charger A

Rs. 1550 Rs. 2699 42% off

Magnetic Car Mount Holder Dash Windshield Cell Phone

Rs. 1299 Rs. 1895 31% off

Remax Mobile Car Holder RM C19

Rs. 1099 Rs. 1599 31% off

Remax Mobile Car Holder RM C17

Rs. 999 Rs. 1499 33% off

Car Charger Holder Cradle Mount

Rs. 1000 Rs. 1450 31% off

Car Steering Wheel Mobile Holder - Multicolor

Rs. 499 Rs. 750 33% off

Remax car Smart Mobile Holder C-24 - Silver

Rs. 1349 Rs. 1899 28% off

Universal Mobile Bike Holder - Black

Rs. 1089 Rs. 1499 27% off


Rs. 1299 Rs. 1500 13% off

360 Universal Car Mount Holder Silicone Sucker

Rs. 499 Rs. 900 44% off

Phone Stand Suction Cup Car Holder Mount

Rs. 979 Rs. 1600 38% off

Current era is practically impossible without mobile phones. Either we are sitting leisurely on a sofa or performing some task; we carry mobile phones with us nevertheless. Even while driving a bike or a car, we tend to use our mobile phones without acknowledging the fact that it is hazardous. There was a time when attending phone calls was prohibited during driving, but the world has come with several ideas to help you with that problem in the form of mobile phone holders and cables. Now you do not need to carry your cell phones yourself as there are numerous gadgets to do that for you without harming your devices. 

What are mobile phone holders?

Mobile phone holders are the objects used to prop your mobile phones. They are specifically designed to help you use your devices without needing to carry them yourself. The phone mount keeps your device in view while keeping your hands on the wheel simultaneously. Place them on a hard surface and prop your cell phone to watch videos, photos, movies, news, attend calls, and listen to music on your cell phones conveniently. Laptab offers you a comprehensive collection of Mobile Holders to prevent your valued mobile devices from falling off while driving along with letting you drive at ease.

Not only during driving, but Mobile Phone Stands are of utmost use while working on multiple projects and propping your mobile phones alongside your laptops. While lying in your bed, watch videos by placing the holder directly with your headboard and *whoosh* your mini television is ready to be viewed. You can also use your phone holders to watch videos to follow carefully to a recipe next time you try a new dish! And so on.

What is the use of mobile chargers in cars?

If you are a frequent traveler and get tons of phone calls every day, your mobile phone battery must tend to die rather quickly. To keep your mobile devices running all the time, you are on the road. Car portable chargers & charging cables are what you need. As mobile phone features increase day by day, you would expect for battery capacity to increase likewise, but that's hardly the case. Battery capacities don't have a significant increase when compared to actual smartphone technology. Therefore, we need to charge our phones more often to keep them powered up. These mobile chargers help you both in case you run out of battery during an emergency or while routing out your destination.

Make sure to pick up a generic Car phone charger that keeps your phone alive. We have arranged an extensive stock of Car Mobile Chargers and charging cables for you to select from and choose that suit you and your cars the best. is successful in creating a one-step community for the most excellent products at unmatchable price tags. We stand firm on our aim of "Jo Dikhta Hai, Wohi Milta Hai," striving at the backend to serve YOU at its best. In short, we serve you the quality YOU DESERVE.

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