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Cables Connectors Online in Pakistan

Cable connections are the most basic and primary need of all the links made between several devices. Several data-transmission media are connected with various devices employing cable connectors. Read More

Cables Connectors Online in Pakistan

Cable connections are the most basic and primary need of all the links made between several devices. Several data-transmission media are connected with various devices employing cable connectors. Cables and connectors are used for transmission of data along a particular channel. There is no denying that well-structured cabling is the foundation of every business network. Cables provide a connection between computers, servers, and other network devices. Thus, cables and connectors are like part and parcel of each other. Laptab gives you the best offers to get your hands on our full range of Cable Connectors to set the foundation of your business network.

Here is the basic layout of some connector cables for your convenience:



There are way too many different ways to connect video sources to TVs, monitors, and large LED screens nowadays. And without a little know-how, it is complicated to wrap this principle around your head because of numerous types and ports of connectors available in the market. There are a lot of devices out there in the world with various kinds of video and audio connections. But what is the difference between them? There are many connectors used throughout the world daily, a few which are briefed as follows:

HDMI Connectors: The standard interface for connecting the audio-visual devices are HDMI connectors. HDMI cables transmit digital video and digital audio signals between your devices. In general, HDMI cables provide the best connection to link most modern audio-visual devices together _ considering the respective devices have the HDMI port of-course!

DVI Connectors: The DVI connectors are used to connect a video source to a display source e.g., a computer monitor. DVI interface is designed to transmit digital video signals to several other devices.

VGA Connectors: It is a relatively former type of connection, but still, it has some applications here and there. So, it won’t be a surprise if you run into this type of connectors sometimes. VGA connection is usually designed to receive an analog RGB signal from a connected device, which is the type of signal you get from a computer. It supports standard-definition and high-definition resolutions. Since it doesn’t transmit audio signals, therefore, you’ll need a separate audio connection to hear any audio.

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Recent video technology has advanced to a large extent. Many Digital connection formats such as; HDMI, DVI, display ports, etc. are used instead of previous VGA ones. However, there are still many projectors, televisions, and monitors having VGA ports to make the connections. To connect the devices having different types of ports, converters are used that connect to a different port on one device and a different port on the other device. For instance, An HDMI to VGA adapter/converter connects a laptop, computer, tablet, or other devices with HDMI to a monitor or projector with a VGA port. A VGA cable is required to connect from the adapter to a monitor projector separately. Several converters of different types are here in our Converters store for you to order online and save your trips to the hardware shops.



Splitters are the devices or cables used to take a signal from a single source and split it to multiple devices without affecting its resolution or quality. When it comes to choosing an excellent audio-video splitter in the market, it is best to have some bits of information about them. First of all, you should know precisely what does a splitter does and what your requirements are. Splitters allow you to share a screen on numerous devices from one single device. This ensures that you do not need to have a particular separate cable box for each television within your home or office etc. Just like other cables and connectors, splitters are also available on a vast scale. You need to beware of the quality and choose yourself for what is suitable for you. But at Laptab, we have stored only the best quality Splitters for you to select from without the risk of wasting your time and money.



These days, a variety of entertainment systems is there for us to choose from. Ranging from watching our favorite shows, working in offices, playing games on our play stations, and much more. But connecting all of these systems to a single screen is a difficult task, especially if you have a single plug. Switches are used as a solution to this problem worldwide. Switch is a device that allows a user to connect 3-4 individual video outputs and connect it to a single source.

There are practically hundreds of types of switches in the market today perceiving that a lot of them are used in homes nowadays. If you want to connect a number of devices to a single screen without the need to turn off one device to turn on the other one, then adapter switches are what you need. An extensive range of such switches is available at with reasonable price tags that won’t break your bank.


PCI Card

PCI is also known as Peripheral Component Interconnect. It is a hardware used for adding internal components to a desktop computer. For example, a PCI slot on the motherboard is used to insert a PCI card in it, providing additional I/O ports on the back of the computer. There were times when we used to update our computer software throughout, but with advanced technology, you can update your computer hardware as well.

Typical PCI cards used in PCs include; network cards, sound cards, modems, and extra ports such as USB or serial, TV tuner cards, or disk controllers.

A massive collection of these hardware devices is available in our PCI Cards store, ready to make your lives convenient. So, what is the wait for? is committed to providing our customers with the best collection of products, focusing on their needs, and helping them through their difficulties, whether residential or commercial. You can make contact with our friendly team anytime for any help.

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