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A well-organized wardrobe can make your room look beautiful and modernized. It depends upon your house styling to get suitable wardrobe for it. At LAPTAB you can buy a beautiful wardrobe for your children and also for your own room. Look at this product for further understanding, White Black Wardrobe Organizer Rack.

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12 Pair Shoe Rack

Rs. 1800 Rs. 3500 48% off

Fashion Style Multilayer Shelf

Rs. 1800 Rs. 2500 28% off

Storage Wardrobe YQF 130-14A

Rs. 3499 Rs. 4999 30% off

Shoe Cabinet YQF-8878

Rs. 3000 Rs. 4500 33% off

Shoes Saver

Rs. 799 Rs. 1100 27% off

Shoe Rack for 30 Pairs

Rs. 2299 Rs. 2999 23% off

12 Shoes Closet Organizer

Rs. 850 Rs. 1450 41% off

4/5 Layer Shoe Rack and Wardrobe Rack

Rs. 1900 Rs. 3500 45% off

Cute Minion Wardrobe Organizer Rack For Kids - 6 Cubes

Rs. 4000 Rs. 6500 38% off

Spider Man Wardrobe Organizer Rack For Kids - 6 Cubes

Rs. 4000 Rs. 6500 38% off

Doraemon Wardrobe Organizer Rack For Kids - 6 Cubes

Rs. 4000 Rs. 6500 38% off

Frozen Wardrobe Organizer Rack For Kids - 6 Cubes

Rs. 4000 Rs. 6500 38% off

Hand Bags And Belts Rack

Rs. 3400 Rs. 3900 12% off

Multi Functional Cloth Rack

Rs. 1650 Rs. 2300 28% off

Multi-Purpose Drying Rack

Rs. 4800 Rs. 5300 9% off

Single Pole Telescopic Hanger Rack

Rs. 4000 Rs. 4500 11% off

Single-Pole Clothes Rack-Blue

Rs. 2400 Rs. 3000 20% off

A well-designed wardrobe saves time, space, and ironing, so if you find yourself hush-up special occasion dresses next to snow gear and piling shoe boxes on every flat surface, it's time to customize your clothing storage.

Closed wardrobes:

There's a lot to be said for being able to hide your clothes, shoes, and accessories away behind closed doors, especially on days when you try on practically everything you own and end up with more of a floor-drop.

A built-in wardrobe with doors streamlines the room and prolongs the lifespan of clothing by keeping it out of direct lighting, not to mention out of reach of curious kiddos!

Laptab is best for you as it brings wardrobes which can suit to your taste. Storage wardrobe you can use in your rooms or elsewhere.

Open wardrobes:

It's so lovely to visually see the elements of outfits (and options!) all in one place, instead of stuffing things inside a small wardrobe where it's hard to find different pieces, and you forget half the stuff in there anyway.

An open closet also doubles as a feature space in your house, and it becomes a beautiful zone to get ready and put outfits together. Plus, it forces you to keep your closet organized.

If you prefer to keep your accessories out on the show. Then arrange your most prized shoes and handbags on shelves where they admired by people.

We have open racks for clothes which you can use anywhere as it is portable. At you can get what you want at a low price with best reviews. Clothes hanger, single pole telescopic hanger rack are trendy nowadays.

Customized drawers:

Customized drawers are an essential aspect of a wardrobe. All items are grouped and separated based on what the drawers intended for: belts, necklaces, earrings.

Include drawers of different heights to store items ranging from accessories to clothing. Jewelry, watches, and sunglasses best stored in shallow drawers where they're easy to see, whereas handbags, hats, and bulky items of clothing demand more room and tidy!

Clothing rails:

Standalone clothing rails are very on-trend and offer both aesthetically appealing and practical solutions. Style with a few color-coordinated garments, keep a collection of jackets handy, so you can pick the perfect piece for the weather in a flash or use like an old-school valet chair to get your outfit of the day ready. Just add a designer handbag casually draped from a cloth hanger for instant blogger style.

Multifunctional cloth rack is our best product at the best price all over Pakistan only on laptab.

Standing racks:

Standing racks are usually the most used because unlike wall racks, they don't need any installation, and you will be able to change them according to your needs.

To place stand coat racks, you do not need much space because they do not take up much, and you can even find different sizes. Usually, they placed next to the entrance door, foyer, or in rooms according to the need of each one.

You can also get yours from, by visiting our website handbags and belts rack stainless steel cloth hanger.

Shoe storage organizer:

Shoe boxes give your shoes the highest level of protection from dust, sunlight, and temperature extremes that can sap leather shoes of their flexibility. Laptab brings a shoe cabinet that can store shoes to keep them safe and dirt free.

Shoe racks:

For shoes you wear regularly, a shoe rack or office with an open front allows air to circulate your footwear while keeping dust from collecting on delicate materials. Shelving with open fronts also helps you keep shoes and boots organized. A shoe rack can display your daily shoes, which you can get at laptab.

Kids cupboard:

To arrange your child things, we have brought a sweet and cute kids wardrobe which you can place in your babies' room. Your baby can also enjoy its vibe. Disney princess kid's wardrobe, Doraemon wardrobe, can enlighten your kid's mood.

You can get Beautiful Racks at remarkable price tags at The products offered by us are of most exceptional quality as we would never want our dear customers to compromise on products bought online.

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