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Some people wonder how they can arrange their accessories in a little space. But the main thing is that arranging and organizing things in minimum space is real art! Yes, no worries if you own a small house but have too many things to put in the little space. W Read More

Some people wonder how they can arrange their accessories in a little space. But the main thing is that arranging and organizing things in minimum space is real art! Yes, no worries if you own a small house but have too many things to put in the little space. We at Laptab have all those products that will keep your little house organized and well arranged.

Suction cup bathroom racks:

Are you afraid of punching your precious house walls with nails and drilling? Then just don’t punch holes in it! Yes, you have a second better option that will not only save your house walls but keep them as new as they were before! Try using a suction cup towel holder for your bathroom. It has 4 bars for hanging towels or pieces of clothes and one space for hanging your hair dryer. One of the unique features is that you can rotate it according to your will at 180 degree angle.

Buying one product can give you three benefits! Just like our suction cup towel bar. You can use it to hang mini pieces of kitchen cleaning towels or you can also install it in your bathroom. This towel bar is useful and allows 180 degrees of free rotation. You may use it again and again after washing and drying.

If you have too many things to arrange in your bathroom and have little space then try using a wall rack that can be installed on the wall. We have a self adhesive suction cup shower caddy for you. Such racks are sturdy and you don’t need to drill holes in your precious walls. It has room for your multiple skin care products and room for your hair dryer. As well as it has two hooks for hanging your ponytails or other little things.

Here is another shower rack suction mini towel bar suitable for washrooms. As it is small in size so suitable for those washrooms which have little space to hang towels.

Get rid of all those wall piercing racks and save your house walls! If you are looking to install a rack for your bathroom or even for your room then you can try searching racks available in Laptab. We have many self adhesive racks. For instance our towel rack shelf with hooks. It can be installed without drilling. It has many hooks for hanging multiple clothes. The bar above hooks can be used to place things.

Some people want to utilize their corner bathroom space for the storage of bathroom accessories. To use the extra space one can buy corner bathroom shelves. It has 4 layers for storing multiple products. Two bars for hanging towels, hooks for holding brushes or sponges, and the guarding rails are there for protecting products from falling.

Shower caddies:

Are you looking for over the sink bathroom racks? Then try our shower soap holder that can be placed on the sink. It has a towel bar as well as a place for placing soaps. Over and above the unique feature is that on the base of this caddy, there are plenty of holes for water draining. You can keep sponges, and scrubbers, in the soap holder tray.

Are you looking for a stand or rack to hang your towels, pants and shirts? Then we have an amazing solution to your this problem! Try our compressible wall mounted rack that is perfect for bathrooms, store rooms, or hostel dorms. It has multiple bars for hanging plenty of clothes. When not in use you can compress it against the wall.

Tissue paper holders:

Are you the kind of person who wants everything to be arranged? Do your tissue rolls remain placed on the tables? If you want to buy tissue paper holders then you are at the perfect shopping site. Try our paper towel holder wall mount. It can be installed in the kitchen, washrooms, or in your rooms. As it is self adhesive, so can be installed anywhere after removal. In case it becomes dirty, you can wash it, dry it and use it again.

Here is another paper holder. It is wall mounted, and can be used on smooth walls, tiles, etc. It can be used to dispense tissue papers easily. Place the tissue pack inside the box, and close the lid. The above surface can be used to place cell phones on it.

Over the toilet shelves:

Sometimes when the washrooms are not spacious then you may wonder how to arrange your bathroom accessories in that tiny space! Don’t worry! We have a perfect solution to your little washroom storage problems. You can store your bathroom accessories in over toilet storage. Not only will it store your towels, toilet paper, and cleaning products as well as additional decoration to your washroom.

If you want a two tier cabinet then our over the toilet cabinet will be ideal for you. Over and above, you can change its height simply by bringing the rubber ring up or down. You can use it not only in the bathroom but also it will act as a cabinet in your laundry rooms, and everywhere you want.

Other accessories:

Don’t want to mix up brushes? Then try putting them in a rack! Yes, we have a wall mounted toothbrush rack for you. No drilling or nail punching is required. It has a suction cup feature for mounting on the wall. It can hold your toothbrushes, hooks for extra storage, and a space for storing toothpaste.

Do you have little space for laundry? Don’t have enough space for drying clothes? Then try something that will occupy little space and hold your clothes for drying. Yes, our 24 clips cloth hanger will perform the task for you. You can hang socks, trousers, or other clothes with no worries as it has strong weight bearing capacity. It is the best solution for drying clothes in small houses.


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