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Best mobile holders in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Best car mounts online in Pakistan

We are living in a fast-paced era where multitasking has become the first habit of everyone. But multitasking during driving might distract you from the road, t Read More

Best car mounts online in Pakistan

We are living in a fast-paced era where multitasking has become the first habit of everyone. But multitasking during driving might distract you from the road, thus pushing you into an unfortunate accident. There was a time when using the mobile phone was prohibited during driving for the obvious reasons. Your hands should be on the wheel, not your mobile phone to ensure safe driving. But with the introduction of various Phone Mounts in the market, this problem has been resolved for the good of everyone. Choosing the correct phone mount for your car can be as tricky as picking a nail out of a pile of straws. However, by jotting down your preferences and requirements, you can narrow down the choices and select the Phone holder perfect for you and your car.

Types of Car Mobile Holders in the Market:

Magnetic Car Holders:

This type of car holders let you attach and remove your phone extremely rapidly, saving your time and hassle. Magnetic Car Holder allows a cradleless method of securely mounting any smartphone to your desk, car dashboard and even in the kitchen or bedside table. Besides, they are mostly Compatible with the most smartphone, GPS unit, tablet PC, MP3/MP4 player and more.

Tablet Car Holders:

These car holders are designed explicitly for Tablets rather than mobile phones. While Headrest Car mounts are the most common that you’ll find compatible in your car, you can also find other forms of compatible holders.

Cable clip car holders

These provide room for your cables to rest while your cell phone is not in the car mount, making it easier to charge your phone or connect it to your car stereo once your smartphone is back in its place.

Smartphone Bike Mount

These bike mounts are mounts to attach to any cycle, bike, scooter or other vehicles with the handlebar. Most of these Smartphone Bike Mounts offers 360-degree rotating head allows viewing at the perfect angle.

Features to consider while buying a car mount:

Universal Design

Car mobile holders come in various types some for attachment too dashboard, others attach to windshield, steering wheel, air vents or headrest etc. However, not every mobile holder is the same. A number of them are specifically designed for a particular smartphone brand. If you are to purchase such a car holder, it’ll just be a waste of money. Therefore, it is much better to go for a universal mobile holder that can fit in every type of mobile phone, even with their cases. Such car mounts are flexible to adjust to multiple brands of devices.



A phone mount must not hinder the view of the driver and should be able to place where it will be convenient for the user. The holder should offer excellent ease of access to the device without covering the essential ports and buttons. Furthermore, the mounting and unmounting of the cell phone should be smooth without taking much effort to avoid any damage to the device.


Since your priority by using a phone holder is securing your phone, you should consider investing in a phone mount that is sturdy enough to hold your device in place throughout the bumpy and rough road obstacles and sudden breaks. An ideal Car mobile Holder is usually made up of the high-quality ABS material that can endure holding the device for long durations. It is sensible to keep away from the holders that tend to lose suction with the weather fluctuations.

Rampant Charging:

If you travel often and stay on the road for an extended period, considering a phone mount that can allow you to charge your mobile won’t be a bad idea. If this case fits you, you should look for a phone mount having an opening so that a charging cable can be attached to your mobile phone.

Nowadays, there are Phone mounts with the charger that not only hold your smartphone but also charge them simultaneously. Make sure the mount can be placed in an area that can be accessed safely from your console.

Interruption free driving with the presence of a smartphone in your car boils down to the need of installing a suitable phone mount for the vehicle. is one of the rising online shops where you can find precisely everything you are looking for. We always try to provide exceptional quality products as we would never want our dear customers to compromise on the products bought online.

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