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Are you a busy buddy? Do you want to make your kitchen life easier? Then no worries as Laptab are continuously working for you. Here are many kitchen accessories for s Read More

Are you a busy buddy? Do you want to make your kitchen life easier? Then no worries as Laptab are continuously working for you. Here are many kitchen accessories for saving you time and effort.

Utensils Drying Rack:

Drying the dishes requires a lot of time. But if you have a utensil drying rack then it will be a lot easier for you. Try our adjustable dish & utensils drainer that is movable. It is a three-piece adjustable rack that can be placed anywhere you want at your convenience. Staying in place is guaranteed by rubber nonslip feet.

Are you the same person who often gets irritated by wet countertops? If yes, then we have an ideal product for you. Try our 2 tier dish & utensils drainer with board. It is beautifully S-shaped. It will be a decor piece for your kitchen while serving your purpose. It can hold your plates, cups, glasses, and many other utensils. Over and above, the important point is that you want to keep your countertop neat and dry. The provided tray will serve this purpose for you.

Here is another durable single dish rack for you. You can keep in it plates, spoons, bowls, knives, forks, and many other handheld pots in the kitchen in this rack.  There are separate holders for different utensils that will lead to effectively drying any utensil placed on it. The draining tray is removable and allows you to keep your shelves clean.

Collapsible dish drainer:

If you have little space in your kitchen then you can try our more space-saving kitchen racks! Let’s have a brief view of them.

Gone were the days when traditional racks are used. Now it’s time to try something new. Try our silicone collapsible dish rack. You can open it and dry your dishes then when you don’t need it, you can fold it back and free up your kitchen space. Folding and opening will take only a few seconds.

Also, there is a foldable dish drying rack that is made of good quality and eco-friendly. It has the unique feature of having little cylinders on the base that keep it in place. It can hold all types of dinnerware whether large or small.

Self-adhesive racks:

If you want more space-saving racks then here is a wall mounted dish rack available at Laptab. Not only this rack can be space-saving for your kitchen but also it can add to the beauty of your kitchen and make it look more neat and organized. It has 3 compartments for holding your spoons, knives, forks, spatula, ladles and so on. Also, there are tiny holes on the base of each compartment so drain water spontaneously.

Spoon rack for the kitchen:

We at Laptab have a clock shaped cutlery organizer with a drain structure. Water will not accumulate in it keeping your spoons hygiene intact.

Here is another unique drainer that has a special feature. It has suction cups beneath so that you can place it anywhere and it will not displace from there. Our unique spoon and knife holder requires no tools or screws. It is durable yet lightweight in use.

For added benefit, we have a spoon and fork organizer with an oak base. The three cylinders have shape indications for use. One is for spoons, the second is for forks and the third is for chopsticks. This is a unique flatware with a fantastic look adding beauty to your kitchen décor.

Some people prefer more light weight utensil racks. As we mentioned before, we have all the different kinds of racks available in our online store. So we have plastic racks as well. Try our plastic spoon holder that is made from BPA free plastic and light in weight. It is a must have product for the kitchen too.

We assure you all of our products are of good quality. If you have any complaints about the products feel free to inform us.

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