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Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

Rs. 2499 Rs. 4999 50% off

Wireless Presenter (PP-1000)..Red Laser Pointer

Rs. 1999 Rs. 2500 20% off

Logitech Presenter R 800 Green laser

Rs. 5499 Rs. 6200 11% off

Logitech Presenter R 800 with red laser

Rs. 3299 Rs. 4200 21% off

Logitech Presenter Wireless, Bluetooth - Black

Rs. 7900 Rs. 8999 12% off

Logitech Presenter Wireless, Bluetooth - Gray

Rs. 8900 Rs. 9999 10% off

Logitech Laser Presenter Remote with LCD Display - Black

Rs. 11000 Rs. 12999 15% off

Logitech R500 Wireless Laser Presentation Remote

Rs. 7999 Rs. 8500 5% off

Logitech R800 Business Wireless Laser Presentation Remote

Rs. 11499 Rs. 12999 11% off

Energizerr Laser Pointer Have Five Different icons

Rs. 799 Rs. 1499 46% off

Presenter Pp 1000

Rs. 1499 Rs. 1999 25% off

Wireless Presentation Pointer with slide changer

Rs. 899 Rs. 1350 33% off

The WHAT and WHY of Presenters

If you work in a multi-national company or the decorum in your office is highly maintained or if not then otherwise, There are dozens of instances where you are invited to give a presentation on topics. Even if it is not an office. There are plenty of assignments that you have to present in a big room full of audience. We know for obvious reasons that projectors are the vital component that is required to give a presentation. Without it, presenting a presentation is essentially difficult.


Presenters, in fact, act as a value-added facility provided by the technologists. In this era, where technological advancements are being made at the mundane level, this new product is just an evidence of constant advancement.

Presenters primarily inherit the shape of a remote control, and help you in presenting your presentation to no matter how huge or large your audience becomes.


Ever been in a situation where you have to point out at a specific portion in your presentation’s slide? And the slide is too high or too away to be approached? Usually, if you try to point out at a specific area, you will end up blocking the light and presenting your shadow rather than the actual presentation. That’s where the presenter comes in!


A presenter is a remote-like handheld device with various controls on it. It emits light of different colors and assist you in pointing out a specific area in your presentation without disrupting the whole view of the presenting slide.

Do you really need a Presenter?

You choose a specific attire carefully if you are going to a wedding. Of course you can’t wear a sports uniform there. Everything you wear, a three-piece suit, must be equally symmetrical, and possess an aura, and follows a discipline, Right? Similarly, you can’t wear a three-piece suit to gym!

Comparatively, maintaining the decorum while presenting is a beauty in itself. Taking a presenter with you is just like wearing the tie of just a right color. It follows an ethic, and further beautifies your presentations. As in the case of university levels, it may end up getting you some extra marks!

Where to get a Presenter from!

We really do not exactly know where we can find the presenter. However, even if you do.. Searching out the markets is quite of a hassle and usually end up demotivating you. But with Laptab it is not of a hectic task! Just sit back on your sofa, or log on to from your office or anywhere, search for the right presenter that fits your need, and place the order for online buy in Pakistan! It is that simple!


Check out some major Presenters that include PP-1000;
Logitech Wireless Presenter r400 and all new & smart Logitech Presenter r800 Green Laser.


We have served hundreds of thousands of customers who take price in ordering from Laptab. Now is your opportunity. Do not miss out, and place the order for your presenter NOW!

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