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When it comes to one’s own health, no person should compromise. Usage of accurate products for maintaining oral hygiene is one of the important as well as difficult tasks. The choice of toothpastes, tooth brushes must be done according to medical standards, o Read More

When it comes to one’s own health, no person should compromise. Usage of accurate products for maintaining oral hygiene is one of the important as well as difficult tasks. The choice of toothpastes, tooth brushes must be done according to medical standards, ones taste and personal suitability. We at Laptab have many amazing products for maintaining oral hygiene.

Electric toothbrushes:

If you are tired of manual brushing your teeth then you can try our electric sonicare plaque control toothbrush that can provide mouth washing of hard to reach areas of mouth. Such areas cannot be reached by the use of manual brush. The quickly two minutes brushing technique will be liked by all people.

Looking for a single solution to your teeth problems then MR wish smart toothbrush is presented to you by Laptab. Just wet the brush head apply paste and let it to the rest dental cleaning task. But it is highly recommended that before using any electric toothbrush make sure to take permission from your dentist.

Our electric brushes can also be used to improve kids brushing habits.  One of the amazing brushes is the Philips sonic electric toothbrush. The timer option can be used for kids. The rubber grip makes it easy to hold.  The shapes of cartoons on it can be appealing for kids.

Nowadays kids are more prone to oral teeth infections as they tend to eat more sweet candies that can contaminate their teeth so teaching them to start brushing their teeth is one of a mandatory and hassle some task. So if you want to teach them brushing in a fun way then you may need Kids Standard sonic toothbrush heads. The cute little sizes will be attractive to them.

Toothbrush holders:

Some people have little space in their washrooms to arrange bathroom accessories. Let alone if you have more number of family members then arranging them is a task of great concern. To ease this issue, we have a family kit of toothpaste & toothbrush holder. This holder is available with a lid thus increasing beauty of your bathroom.

 Are you sick of irregularly arranges accessories over the sink? Why not try to arrange them? Don’t how to arrange then use our sink organizer designed for these purposes. It has suction cup design that will be easy to install. You can use it to place your toothbrushes, toothpastes and other long length accessories.

If you are in search of toothbrushes holders for your kid’s washroom then gift those something in cute shapes like our cute cactus shape self adhesive toothbrush holder. It has a hang able design which will let the brushes to dry automatically. The toothbrushes will not fall as it has a strong grip design.

Are you in search of more modernized bathroom accessories that can add a glamorous look to your   washrooms? Then one of the best product is here; acrylic holder for toothbrushes and toothpastes. Its fantastic style is suitable for all kind of toothbrushes.

There are many bathroom accessories organizing racks available for you in our online store. For instance:  our unique toothbrush holder with cups for effective using of mouthwashes. This is basically designed for couples to use as it has two cups in it.

Kids washroom accessories:

If you are specifically searching for kids washroom toothbrush holders then you can have a look at our thumb shape toothbrush holder. These holders are very unique; you can use them to hang your many little accessories as well.

Here is another amazing cute shaped holder for your kid’s rooms and bathrooms. These holders are turtle shaped that can accommodate your kid’s toothpastes, toothbrush, and in your kitchen can hold forks, spoons that are specifically your kids use. With the kids accessories arranged in this cute holder they will try to involve in the habit of brushing more actively.

If your kids have trouble while brushing their teeth then bring them a cute animal shape toothpaste squeezer! This will definitely attract them to brush their teeth daily.

We have many exciting ways to develop your kid’s daily oral hygiene skills maintenance! For instance: our Ladybug toothbrush toothpaste holder will be attractive to your little ones and as a part of fun they will enjoy oral hygienic maintenance practice as well.

Is your kid’s fan of minions? If you have such a kid in your family then surprise him/her with our minion toothpaste dispenser. It will not only urge him/her to brush his/her teeth but also keep this activity a fun.

Get something unique and creative that can increase your house beauty and will not look a surplus. Like our wall mounted toothbrush holder that rabbit ear shaped. It will look cute on walls as well as in the kid’s room it will be great addition. It can be used to accommodate various small accessories like tooth brushes, pony tails, soaps, etc.

Toothpaste squeezers:

Does your past left behind in the tube and you throw it away? Then why not use a rolling toothpaste squeezer that can squeeze out all the remaining paste, hand creams etc without your manual efforts? Just tighten it up to squeeze all the remaining cream or paste!

Here is another convenient tooth paste holder that is equipped with tooth paste dispenser as well. It is basically a hand free tooth paste dispenser just inserts your toothpaste above it upside down and then presses the button with the help of toothbrush.

For good measure you can also try our wall-mounted manual toothpaste squeezer that comes with a lid and have space for hanging two toothbrushes as well.

Lastly, if you are going on a business trip and are confused about your bathroom accessories; then here is an ideal solution for you. Buy our portable toothbrush and toothpaste holder that can accommodate your little accessories without any worries. From now on, no one will forget oral hygienic products anymore due to this elegant style holder.

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