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Some people prefer simple things to decorate their houses for special occasions. But many people like flashy and glittering things. As opinions vary from person to person we at Laptab has all the different kinds of products for their customers. Read More

Some people prefer simple things to decorate their houses for special occasions. But many people like flashy and glittering things. As opinions vary from person to person we at Laptab has all the different kinds of products for their customers. Whether you are decorating your house for a party or a get together or renovating it, the first thing comes in any mind is the correct choice of décor lights. We at Laptab have many versatile décor lights.

LED fairy lights:

When it comes to the lights we have all the high quality beautiful lights. Nowadays there is a trend of using fairy lights for instance: golden fairy lights. These golden lights are ideal to create ecstatic surrounding. You can use them on different festivals to decorate your garden. It can be used on tress, in the rooms, on the door steps etc.

When it comes to the use of fairy lights, you will get confused about which style to choose from. Don’t worry about that here we will discuss use of different designs one by one. If you want to give your loved ones a surprise themed birthday party then you can use our bottle fairy lights. These bottle lights can be placed on the centre table where the cake will be placed. The stars inside the bottles will make them look fabulous.

If you are looking to surprise your partner with some fairy lights décor then ideal for you is to choose our heart fairy lights. No matter you want to propose someone or you want them to feel your affection towards them; a plan with the heart shaped LEDs will always be successful.

When you are preparing for someone’s house warming party, it always seems difficult to choose a house warming gift. If you want a simple, elegant yet a useful gift then try giving them house shaped lights. These lights will be ideal gift to them.

Over and above, another beautiful set of fairy lights is the flower shaped lights that can be used in any themed or non themed party. These lights are super easy to install and installing these lighs will give a unique garden like look to your rooms, or living rooms.

Lights for kid’s room:

If you want decorative and cheerful lights for your kid’s room then you may look up to their interests. If your kids love animals then you can gift them with our animal lights. These lights have different types of rubber animals. As soon as the lights will be turned on your kids will enjoy the fun of being with their favorite animals anytime.

Here are some ducks shaped lights for the duck lovers. If your kids are from the 2 to 6 years they must have loved ducks. Many kids want to have pet animal’s ducks. So here us the ideal gift to surprise them with the duck light. These are USB portable lights work on the principle of low energy consumption.

Some kids are born to be scientists. If you have the kids who love the space or want to explore about nature then you can surprise them with the start shaped lights. Star mini LED jar can be placed in the kid’s room as well as in the other rooms. The twinkling stars within the jars will be ideal to make the little scientists happy.

Do you want something more fun for your little ones then try hanging these panda string lights in their room. For the kids who love pandas; here is the ideal gift to surprise them. These lights can be hanged outside the kid’s room such as on above the door of your child room.

Decoration of house walls is another level of difficulty. If you want to decorate the walls of your kid’s room then you may use led butterfly wall stickers. These stickers are usually for girls rooms. The LEDs within the sticker will make it look like a real shiny butterfly. The main benefit of these stickers is that they can be removed from the walls without damaging the wall.

Candles with different styles:

Nowadays there are many different styles of candles to be used during your romantic dinner time. Yes, one of them is the led candles. These lights within the candle can be changed according to your preference as there is the option of 12 different colors to choose from. Now there will be no more danger but only lovely surrounding.

Are you or your loved one afraid of fire? But you want to surprise them with the candle light party? Then try battery operated candles for this occasion. These flameless candles are available at Laptab in different colors. Over and above, it uses stimulation technology to sway the candle. It will give them a real candle like look.

One of them amazing candle at our store is electric candle. This candle has water with glitter inside it. You just need to install/ insert the battery, turn on the button and the warm glow will be spread around you.

If you are in search of some fancy candle stick stands then you may like our glass candle holder. Get rid of the old candleholders and replace them with the modern 3 piece glass candle holders. This candle stand can be placed on the dinner table, in the living room or study room as well.

Scented candles:

Are you looking for an aromatherapy source in the form of decoration? Then try scenting the environment around you with the smokeless scented candles. You can use these candles for decorating your room, weddings, or night events. The 50 piece will be enough for a room décor.

Do you want an ancient style yet tradition smokeless candles then you may like our marine style scented candle. The amazing floating design of this candle makes it more tradition yet elegant.

String lights:

If you are planning a birthday surprise for someone then use of photo clip string lights is a must have task to do. You can hang your memories with the sparkling glittery lights.

Whether you want fairy string lights for some occasion or for decorating your backyard, our crystal flower lights are loved by all. These kinds of lights can give your parties a great sense of festivity.

Do you have vase in your home? But don’t have time to look after your plants pots? But still loves to have them; then use our led branch light in that vase. The benefit of such lights is that they will give the feel of real flowers as well as create soothing light. The 24 LEDs in each branch are enough to create amazing atmosphere.

Lights for garden décor:

Many people like to decorate their terrace with the decorating products. If you are one of them then try decorating your terrace with our rose lights. The purpose of these rose lights is to give your garden or balcony a unique beautiful fairy tale look.

Do you use artificial plant pots? But still unsatisfied from them and want to make them more stylish? Here is the solution for you; use butterfly string lights on those artificial flower pots. These lights are of multipurpose use. You can use them in the garden when you want to organize a party there.

To boot, we have amazing lights to decorate your garden. One of them is the water drop lights. These can be hanging from the tree branches. When you will turn on the lights while they hang with the tree branches, it will make your garden look like a glittering and sparkling alley.

Do you want to give your garden a beautifully ecstatic look? Then our solar firefly lights will be ideal. You can install these solar fireflies in between of flower bushes. This will give a fantastic look to your garden you can ever have.

Another amazing solution for enhancing your garden’s look is the use of a reed lamp. You can use these solar reed lamps on specific occasions at the night time to make your garden look like a grand palace garden.

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