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As the seasons change, the need for drinking increases or decreases accordingly. As drinking water according to your body needs is very essential for normal body growth. Keeping oneself hydrated is always a difficult task especially for those who have extremely Read More

As the seasons change, the need for drinking increases or decreases accordingly. As drinking water according to your body needs is very essential for normal body growth. Keeping oneself hydrated is always a difficult task especially for those who have extremely dehydrated skin issues. In the busy lifestyles nowadays, we all want quick solutions to our little problems. So we at Laptab are working day and night for the wellbeing of its customers and presenting solutions to your problems.

Effort less water dispensers:

As the water gallons are extremely heavy. Dispensing water out of them took a lot of effort. For this problem to solve we have brought to you a water gallon dispenser. The main feature of this dispenser is that it is USB chargeable so it can use to fill many jugs of water if it is fully charged.

If you want a wired dispenser then you may have a look at our plugged gallon dispenser. This electric upgraded version of water pump can be freely spun to conveniently dispense water. The small size of this gallon made it easy to carry around on picnics or outdoor activities.

May be you want a more simple solution for drinking water from a gallon then try using our drinking water pump. This is a simple hand pump, easy to fit standard water gallons. Just pressed down the pump and manually it is ready to fill the glass of water. The assembly is very easy as well as this makes it easy to wash.

With the increase of using modern trends, you can try modernizing the devices in your kitchen as well. For instance:  tap water dispenser is a smart pump that will obey you command. The small in size pump can be used in the schools, offices, or for household purpose.

Are you looking for a simple dispenser requiring no electric city? Then our manual water dispenser is perfect for you. It is very easy to operate and the mini design makes it perfect to fit anywhere.

If you are in search of some fancy dispensers then our glass dispenser may be suitable for you. It looks luxurious due to its transparent glass material. You can place it in your dining rooms for adding beauty to your rooms. Keeping this glass dispenser will give your house a modernize look.

Bottle handles and bottle openers:

Sometimes it will become very difficult to lift heavy water gallons. To ease this issue, we have a water bottle lifter for you. It is made from molded good quality material. The grip will be comfortable to hands.

Are you sick of using old methods for opening bottles? We at Laptab have a bottle opener that has a silicon stopper. It is convenient to use just by pressing the handle until the stopper expand and mouth of the bottle is opened.

If you are in search of a better grip holder then you can try to use our water bottle with dual grip holders. The main benefit of this holder is that it can be used to hold bottle by two persons collectively. It is especially designed for lifting bottles with great easiness.

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to open jars, cans, bottles, and we have to buy different tools for them. But now no more! Buy 1 product and get 4 benefits!  Our four in one opener is here for to serve you. You can use it to open bean cans, soft drink bottle caps, Jar opener, twist jar opener etc.

Cold drink dispenser:

Here is a unique product for saving your drinks. The soft drink dispenser can be used to pour only the amount you want in to the glass right away. This is one of the stylish cold beverage dispensers made with excellent quality.

Are you the kinds of cook who always spill liquid or oil when try to pour it with great care? If you have such issues then now do not worry about the spillage. Try pouring any oil with our liquid pourer that will pour the exact amount you want without wasting. You can keep it on the bottle as well as can be removed for easy cleaning.

Thermal insulated bottles:

Do you like to exercise daily? Do you often go for walks? Then you must use water bottles to take along with you.  We at Laptab have amazing bottles like our sports water bottle. It can keep the water inside insulated for 8 hours. This makes it ideal for taking it on vacations, camping’s, gym classes etc.

Some people love to drink coffee but are too lazy to brew and stir it or have no time for it. So here we are presenting an auto stirring mug for such lazy people. No matter you want to make chocolate shakes, soups or juices, just pour the ingredients in it and let the mug do the mixing for you.

Start your day by drinking in a mug that reminds you of your favorite platform.  Sounds strange! Here is ceramic mug for you with the name of your favorite social media platform Facebook written on it. This mug will keep your drinks warm for you even on the go.

Do you often go on trips but have to drink warm water even in the summers? Then try using a bottle cover bag that will keep your water as it is due to its insulation capacity. It can be used as a cover bag for a bottle of 1.5 L capacity.

Don’t want to drink in anyone’s cup due to hygiene issue? Yes, it is a good habit! You can take your own mug with you from now on. Try our collapsible mug! It will be folded flat to take minimum space in your bag. Moreover, its design is mostly suitable for kids. Kids will definitely find it fun to drink in thus cup.

Water Dispenser for Kids:

Do you want to educate your kids to handle water carefully then there is no better way than buying them water dispensers in the form of their favorite cartoon characters i.e. Doraemon Water Dispenser. This will make them drink water whole day with the great fun.

Sometimes, when you are working it may difficult to get up and drink water so in such case you can bring water in close proximity. Our mini water dispenser toy can be used as table top water cooler as well as you can bring this for your kids room. So they can develop a sense of fun as well as develop better water drinking habits.

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