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Rs. 799 Rs. 2100 61% off

DVI Male (24+5 PIN) to VGA Female(15 PIN) connecter

Rs. 899 Rs. 1999 55% off

Mini Display Port thunderbolt to Mini Display thunderbolt

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2799 46% off

IPad 3 connection kit

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2000 25% off

4-Port USB 3.0 Portable Compact Hub For PC Laptop

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2399 37% off

DVI Male 24+1 to VGA Female connecter

Rs. 699 Rs. 1500 53% off

DVI Male To Y DVI Female

Rs. 999 Rs. 3699 72% off

DVI Female 24+5 to VGA Male CONNECTOR

Rs. 550 Rs. 750 26% off

Hdmi female to mini hdmi male joinder

Rs. 650 Rs. 950 31% off

Hdmi female to female joinder

Rs. 450 Rs. 650 30% off

Usb range extender

Rs. 1299 Rs. 2000 35% off

Baseus L45 Type-C to Type-C And 3.5mm Jack - Black

Rs. 1199 Rs. 1499 20% off

HDMI Extender by Cat - 6/6E

Rs. 1999 Rs. 2750 27% off


Rs. 650 Rs. 1200 45% off

Vga Female To Female Joinder 15 Pin

Rs. 299 Rs. 400 25% off

Type-C HUB Adaptar With 3 USB 3.0 USB 2.0 USB- Baseus

Rs. 1599 Rs. 1999 20% off

Baseus L37 iP Male to Double iP Female Adaptar

Rs. 2199 Rs. 2450 10% off

Budi 3in1 Charge / Sync USB Cable M8J150T3

Rs. 699 Rs. 1399 50% off

Safety Wire Extension Board Cable Organizer

Rs. 850 Rs. 1545 44% off

Best Connectors online

With current technology, there are thousands of ways to get your work done. Similar is the case for computer cables and connectors. Several means for connecting video sources to TVs, monitors, and large LED screens have been introduced to the world, that it has become challenging to select the best method suitable for you. Therefore, having a little bit of knowledge of these connectors has its significance. It is a bit complicated to wrap it around your finger, but it’s not impossible. Laptab has introduced its Connectors category that helps you get out of the old-age times and run with the new technology of this era.

There are several devices in front of you, but what is the difference between them? There are lots of connectors used daily, a few of which are described briefly:

HDMI Connectors: The standard interface for connecting the audio-visual devices are HDMI connectors. HDMI cables transmit digital video and digital audio signals between your devices. In general, HDMI cables provide the best connection to link most modern audio-visual devices together _ considering the respective devices have the HDMI port of-course! You might find our Type C to HDMI handy and extremely functional both in homes and offices.

DVI Connectors: The DVI connectors are used to connect a video source to a display source, e.g., a computer monitor. DVI interface is designed to transmit digital video signals to several other devices. If you want to connect a VGA device to DVI port, then DVI To VGA connector is what you need. We also offer reasonable DVI to VGA connector prices in Pakistan.

VGA Connectors: It is a relatively former type of connection, but still, it has some applications here and there. So, it won’t be a surprise if you run into this type of connectors sometimes. VGA connection is usually designed to receive an analog RGB signal from a connected device, which is the type of signal you get from a computer. It supports standard-definition and high-definition resolutions. Since VGA connectors don’t transmit audio signals, therefore, you’ll need a separate audio connection to hear any audio.

No matter what type of connector you are looking for, we are confident that you can find it in our online store. All you need to do is invest some time and get your required product at the most reasonable prices in Pakistan. has always considered YOU before making any progress. We store the best quality products that will benefit you through the day and more days to come. Enjoy Shopping!

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