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Irons are an essential part of the household as they can groom your looks by better presenting your clothes. The art of ironing in itself is unique and enjoyable. You can buy irons on our website at lowest price all over Pakistan. You can check our most selling iron like, Tobi Steam iron Travel Steamer.

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Philips Comfort Care Dry Iron P11.034

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Galaxy Iron, Steamer & Disinfector

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Philips Garment Steamer

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Philips Steam & Go Handheld Garment Steamer

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NI-21AWT National Iron - Deluxe

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Original Sokany Handy Garment Steamer SK-828

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Once, there was a time when ironing a shirt was an inevitable part of laundry day. After washing, starching, and line drying, the clothes would be sprinkled with water and rolled one item at a time until they could all put away. The ironing art lost in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, the advancing discovery of new type fabrics has reintroduced the lost art as people seek to appear polished in their appearance. With high fashion, came a need for systems to care for these exceptional clothes, so it comes as no surprise that Europeans invented ironing.

Irons are an essential part of the household as they can groom your looks by better presenting your clothes. A well-ironed shirt means you care about the details. Details make a difference. The details get you noticed. With the best tools available, you take pride in doing things yourself – like preparing a memorable meal or creating the perfect garden. Ironing your clothes shows that same pride. Remember, how you wear your clothes is just as important as what you wear.

You pay for your precious clothes; whether they are designer clothes or simple, they have the same feeling in your heart. So, ironing it yourself at home with a new style, pressurized steam irons is a lot better than sending them to dry cleaners. Because they often give you average results like shine, wrinkled collars, and broken buttons.

Ironing and laundering clothes home with a steam iron, vacuum/blowing iron, and pressurized irons can save a lot more energy and exposure to harmful chemicals used in dry cleaning.

The art of ironing in itself is unique and enjoyable. If your kids are asleep, While you are home and phone, cell phone, and handheld devices turned off: Peace. You may not want to talk to anyone else today, but you do want to get something done in this perfect state of calm. Enter ironing. Many people swear by its meditative qualities: the repetitive movement of the iron, the hiss of steam, the disappearance of wrinkles – one by one.

If that's too quiet, listen to some great music while you treat your clothes to steam – generated by a premium Reliable iron – or turn on the TV for company. Before you know it, a pile of wrinkled laundry turns into a crisp, clean wardrobe for the week ahead.

And you... are as refreshed as your clothes.

Steam Irons:

Unlike any traditional dry iron, steam iron has a water tank to hold up to 1000ml of water. It saves your overall time to iron your clothes by creating steam with a steam generator. It produces steam to remove wrinkles off your clothes and make them crisp and wearable. It has a separate boiler in the steam generator, which gives powerful steam to do ironing on fabrics for a more extended period. The more pressure it does creates, the more steam gets into the material. You can achieve perfection with ease.

Dry Iron:

Dry irons are durable and have long-lasting effects. They have a thermostat in them, which can iron fast and efficiently. The pointed tip can smooth tricky ends. Nowadays, people prefer steam irons over dry irons.


Laptab plays an integral part in your refreshed feeling. Because it provides you a vast range of good quality irons which can make your life easy, and you can feel confidant with the high ironing of your clothes. Confidence comes with your appearance, so if you are a lit bit unconfident about your personality, then try these products which can groom your outer look, and you can walk straight in society.

Steam irons, dry irons, handheld steam irons are our source line, which you can buy at You can also visit our website for irons like Philips iron, Panasonic Iron, Steam Iron, etc.

Enjoy shopping with us at low prices all over Pakistan and quick delivery anywhere.



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