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For many people, homes have to be everything: an office, a school, a place to rest, mourn, recover, relax, connect, or be. Laptab aims to "upgrade" your life and make you feel much better at home with a little effort. Here, you'll find tips like how to "turn your home into a relaxing place." Home accessories is a subcategory of home and living in which you can find versatile products such as Inflatable Armchair and many more that augment your house's beauty and help you organize your home uniquely.

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Tissue Box Plastic Card Folding - Multi

Rs. 599 Rs. 999 40% off

Invisible Bookshelf Rack or Organizer

Rs. 980 Rs. 1550 36% off

T-Shirt Organizer Cloth Drawer Organizer

Rs. 1090 Rs. 1497 27% off

Folding Hidden Wall-mount Cloth Hanger

Rs. 1160 Rs. 1699 31% off

Easy Shoes Organizer - Multi

Rs. 499 Rs. 850 41% off

Multifunctional Vertical socket

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2000 25% off

Stainless Steel Double Pole Cloth hanging Rack

Rs. 3999 Rs. 5199 23% off

Bliss Fresh Matic With Refill (Auto Spray)

Rs. 1500 Rs. 2500 40% off

Pack of 3 Twin Draft For Doors And Windows 36inches

Rs. 1650 Rs. 2350 29% off

Easy Spin Mop

Rs. 3299 Rs. 3999 17% off

Adjustable Drawer Organizer and Divider

Rs. 480 Rs. 850 43% off


Rs. 1799 Rs. 2299 21% off

Multi-functional Detachable Cosmetic Storage Box

Rs. 6700 Rs. 7500 10% off

Indoor Outdoor Multi Wall Hung Thermometer

Rs. 700 Rs. 1100 36% off

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer

Rs. 750 Rs. 1100 31% off

Cloth Stand hanging Rack Organizer

Rs. 3500 Rs. 4100 14% off

Self-Wash and Squeeze Dry Flat Mop & Bucket Kit

Rs. 4399 Rs. 5299 16% off

Are you finding some affordable and creative ideas to decorate your home then laptab is an ideal site. We give you everything that you might need regarding your home.

We are here providing quality products that will enhance the beauty of your home and organize it in a way that is comforting for you.

After searching, touring, and weighing your options, you've finally found your dream apartment. Now, the fun part begins: decorating and organizing! It's time to settle in and get comfortable. If you don't know a thing about decorating or want some inspiration, you're in luck. We've gathered home furnishing products such as Comfort Quest Inflatable Sofa Come Air Mattress, organizing products such as Invisible Bookshelf Rack or Organizer that we love – and think you will too.

These are not only available at reasonable prices but ease your life as well and help people turn small spaces into beautiful homes without breaking the bank.

We focus on functionality and comfort and believe that your home should reflect your personality. Laptab wants to make your life easier by offering guides for organizing, cleaning, decorating your home, etc.

Organizing products:

Do you love home organization? Then Laptab provides you with a variety of quality products that will organize your home accessories in a way that will not look odd. For instance:

Invisible Bookshelf Rack or Organize

Easy Shoe Organizer – Multi

Adjustable Drawer Organizer and Divider

Multi-functional Detachable Cosmetic Storage Box

Space-Saving Plastic Storage Clothes Hangers

Stainless Steel Foldable Drawing Rack

The appearance of the home matters a lot. There is no need for expensive products to make your home into a neat and tidy place.

You can visit our online store laptab to buy as much as the products you want at matchless Pakistan prices. Add a touch of modern faction flair to your home.

Choose products wisely and live stylishly. If you are having a problem with our product, then you can tell us right away. We will try our best to make up our fault. You can find anything of your interest at laptab.com.pk.



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