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Best kitchen sink accessories in Pakistan with Warranty and Free Delivery

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Are you the kind of person who prefers cleanliness over anything else? But keeping the kitchen clean is literally an art! Cutting vegetables or doing some other cooking will definitely mess up your kitchen countertops.

But if you want to keep your countertops or shelves clean while cutt Read More

Are you the kind of person who prefers cleanliness over anything else? But keeping the kitchen clean is literally an art! Cutting vegetables or doing some other cooking will definitely mess up your kitchen countertops.

But if you want to keep your countertops or shelves clean while cutting vegetables or cooking other recipes, then we have a good solution for you. Try using some modern sink accessories for your kitchen.

Sink organizers:

Are you sick of messy & drippy sinks? Then try organizing your sink with our plastic sink organizer. You can try it for your kitchen washbasin as well as bathroom sinks. This sink caddy will not allow bacterial growth and the holes in it will keep it dry.

Some people don’t like to use plastic products due to health hazards. For those people, silicone sink caddy will be an ideal product. The main advantage of these kinds of sink caddies is that they will keep your sponges, and soaps out of the wash basin but nearby. It will not only handy but add a modern look to your sink. The perforated style will keep it dry all the time.

If you are in search of a more spacious caddy try our double cup sink caddy. You can use this caddy for storing little things as well as over the sink. The attached double cups have the benefits of storing your cleanser, face wash, toothbrush, creams, epilators, makeup items, and many more.

Over and above, we have a unique organizer that can be expanded according to your desired space. If you want a towel or a little piece of cloth to dry you can hang it on the towel bar. Our expandable storage drain basket will be installed on any sink without the need for punching holes. Is not it a great addition to your kitchen sink accessories? Yes, it is!

Cutlery caddy:

Organizing one's kitchen is literally an art. It requires a lot of knowledge for kitchen décor and efficiently uses the kitchen space while placing every tool in its required area. Such as placing small kitchen tools like spoons, knives, forks, etc in the cupboards is a hassle. Because whenever you want a spoon or knife you have to go through each item and then grab the spoon. This problem will be solved if you use a cutlery holder. It will be space saving basket for you. It can provide the space for placing spoons and other little utensils for you. Moreover, there will be no need of punching holes in the walls.

Here is another multi-compartments spoon stand. In size it is small but in terms of storage, it can have a large number of utensils in it like spoons, chopsticks, knives, forks, and so on.

Drainer racks:

Washing vegetables or fruits has never been easy as it creates a dripping mess on your countertop. Usage of an over the sink drainer rack will solve this issue for you. You can wash veggies without the concern of messing up the shelves. Moreover, this rack can be folded and stored occupying minimum space.

If you want to buy a more featured rack then you may try our expandable sink drainer. It has a high load bearing strength. It can be used to dry utensils, as well as you may use it as a vegetable washing over rack to keep your shelves dry. The drainer's long holes will not permit bacterial growth.

Kitchen tools are one of the main products to make your kitchen look well-designed. While choosing kitchen tools keep one thing in mind that they should space saving and add beauty to your kitchen. For instance: our double layer dish drain rack. It can be used as a dish rack as well as a fruit, and veggies washer. It has a slope at its one corner so you can just place it on one side of the sink and the water will drip down through slop into the sink.

Does your sink often face blockage problems? Then now you can get rid of this worry. Using a sink drain plug will help you cope with sink blockage problems. You can quickly stop food particles or pieces from getting stuck in the sink holes while not disturbing the water flow.

Here is another solution to your blocked sinks: try clearing the blocked sinks with wire drain unblocker. No matter how much the sink is blocked, pulling the spring shaped handle will catch the debris in one just one strike.


Sometimes washing the dishes is limited due to the short length of the taps. This will hinder cleanliness. But now you can wash the dishes with the help of a kitchen faucet flexible hose. Installation requires no tools. It will make cleaning the various size utensils as well as washing the sink a lot easier than ever. You can not only use it to clean the sink but also it is useful for hair washing.

If you don’t want a stainless steel faucet and prefer a plastic one, then try our rotating kitchen faucet. This is a small size tap and has a valve for to control the amount of water according to your desires. As it can rotate at 360 degree angles, so cleaning the sink will be done within minutes efficiently.

If you use a water filtration device and a faucet differently then surely costs a lot. Why don’t you buy one product that will serve as a water filtration device as well as a faucet? Yes, it’s true. Our stone faucet has the ability to filter chlorine in water the built-in mineral balls. It has three modes to adjust water levels as well as can rotate to multiple angles for effective washing.

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