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Toyota Hiace 2010-2019 Shock Absorbers Set - Rear 2 pcs

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Toyota Hiace 2010-2019 Shock Absorbers Set - Rear 2 pcs Bought by 144 people! HOT SELLER!

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Key Featuers

  • *Reducing breakage by a seamless eye ring mountings and cylinders.
  • *Micro-smooth,hard chromed sintered iron piston rod.
  • *Rubber cushioning to protect internals durings extreme extension strokes.
  • *Nitrogen gas charged,100-120 psi



Toyota Hiace 2010-2019 Shock Absorbers Set - Rear 2 pcs



Are you not enjoying driving your cars? Or your car has become old and requires the change of parts? Laptab is here to solve your problems. As it brings brand new 100% quality shock absorbers, which can make your car jumps free and gives you a relaxing drive.

shock absorber is a mechanical connection between the vehicle and the road and assists in the handling of a car. However, the primary function is too dampening and control the movement(vibration) of the vehicle. Car shocks are very disadvantageous for health as it induces back pain which ultimately causes headache and tiring ride.

For our customers, we have brought a product which can reduce braking distance with a minimum amount of pressure-induced. As it ensures optimum contact with the road. Moreover, it provides better corning and also enhances steering capability. These Auto parts improve your vehicle's ride and make it comfortable.

You can also get a better connection with the road surface, which ensures a better fuel economy. Furthermore, you will have better and longer tire wear.

These Shock Absorbers have many features:

  • Reducing breakage by seamless eye-ring mountings and cylinders.
  • Micro-smooth, hard chromed sintered iron piston rod.
  • Rubber cushioning to protect internals during extreme extension strokes.
  • Nitrogen gas charged,100-120 psi

If you are satisfied with this product and want to make your car or van shocks free and save yourself from back pain, than order your product now form our website Laptab.com.

We are here for you. If you have any problem regarding the product or our instructions, feel free to ask any questions.


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