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Toyota Fortuner 1ST Gen 2014-15 Shock Absorbers- Rear 2 pcs

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Toyota Fortuner 1ST Gen 2014-15 Shock Absorbers- Rear 2 pcs Bought by 80 people! HOT SELLER!

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Key Featuers

  • *Reducing breakage by a seamless eye ring mountings and cylinders.
  • *Micro-smooth,hard chromed sintered iron piston rod.
  • *Rubber cushioning to protect internals durings extreme extension strokes.
  • *Nitrogen gas charged,100-120 psi



Do bumpy roads make you feel like somethings not right with your car?

Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with your car, Laptab knows exactly what your car needs as it offers the latest 100% high quality Shock absorbers, that make your car ride as flowy as stream water even on pitted roads and lets you enjoy a smooth drive.

What is a shock absorber?

Shock absorber is a mechanical device that absorbs and damp the shock impulses. Usually, shock absorbers are a form of dashpot. They help to keep the car's tyres in continuous contact with the road, providing optimum grip, when parking and braking. Dampers are part of the suspension, thus with tattered shocks, the ride of vehicle and comfort is compromised. Shocks can inflict numerous -ve effects on our health, they might induce back pains or headaches thus making your ride distressing.

Moreover, absorbers decrease the braking distance with reduced amount of pressure instigated, as they ensure maximum contact with the road. The Car shocks allow better cornering and also rise the capability of steering wheels. These Auto parts render your bumpy ride to a comfortable one. Car Shock Absorbers are the must have car parts that every vehicle owner should consider immediate replacing when they reach their limit.

An improved connection with the road surface can not only reduce the shocks but also ensure a better fuel economy. It also ensures a better and longer tire wear.


  • Reduce the breakage by seamless eye-ring mountings and cylinders.
  • Bear Micro-smooth, hard chromed sintered iron piston rod.
  • The Rubber cushioning protects internals during extreme extension strokes.
  • Type: Gas Shocks _ Nitrogen gas charged,100-120 psi.

What’s in the box:

2 x Toyota Fortuner 1ST Gen 2014-15 Shock Absorbers- Rear pcs

So, If you wish to have your car or van- free of bumps & save yourself of pains- Tap the ‘BUY NOW’ and make this product yours. You can always contact our team waiting 24 hours to assist you through any problem. Make a call for any further instructions.

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