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LAPTAB Suction Cup Multipurpose Storage Holder suction-cup-multipurpose-bathroom-kitchen-storage-holder-organiz Product Suction Cup Multipurpose Storage Holder Black

Want to save space as well as store things? Buy our multifunctional Bathroom organizer and make your life easy!

  • No tools and screws are required. No ugly holes in your kitchen
  • 3-second DIY installation, very lightweight
  • The sturdy and durable design make it a perfect product
  • Do press and flat the magic sticker pad for adhesion
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4.4 stars, based on 89 reviews Regular price: Rs 1101 Rs1101 (Sale ends ) Available from: Laptab Condition: New In stock! Order now!
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Suction Cup Multipurpose Storage Holder

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Key Features

Want to save space as well as store things? Buy our multifunctional Bathroom organizer and make your life easy!

  • No tools and screws are required. No ugly holes in your kitchen
  • 3-second DIY installation, very lightweight
  • The sturdy and durable design make it a perfect product
  • Do press and flat the magic sticker pad for adhesion

Suction Cup Multipurpose Storage Holder Details

Product NamePrice
Suction Cup Multipurpose Storage Holder Price in Pakistan (updated)1101

Are you looking for something to keep your bathroom accessories organized?

We offer you a space-saving suction cup, will make full use of space in your room, bathroom, kitchen as well as make your room look clean and tidy.

Buy our multifunctional Storage rack, best for storing your favorite accessories accessible on the countertop or hang over the dish rack with a hook design.

This Kitchen Storage Organizer could be set up in the kitchen to store ketchup, jam, small jar also in bathroom storage, living room accessories, fits any mounting surface with a smooth surface.

If you are looking for another Kitchen Organizer then visit our online shop where you can find many products as per your interest.

It is made up of 100% food-grade, BPA-free plastic material that guarantees durability and the long life of the rack. Do not be afraid of the temperature fluctuations as these adjustable racks can bear a range of 20-50 degrees Celsius.

To boot, our Bathroom Shelf mounts on a smooth and polished surface like ceramic tile, glass, and mirror. Do not use on Wall / Wooden Surface. The suction cup can be washed, and can be reused after drying this is perfect for keeping your house tidy.

Besides this, our Organizer is easy to install wall-mounted shelves includes all parts for installation, no-drill, and screw required, and super adhesive. It has small size drain holes in the bottom of each container.

Also, this mini suction cup is removable and creative and can bear more than 2KG. In all, this is a must-have item for every kitchen. Get your hands now on warehouse racking system Pakistan before the offer ends.


1. Latex Paint Wall or Paper Wall Surface and Other Brittle Installation Of The Surface, After Installation May Hurt The Installation Surface, Please Carefully Consider Whether To Install The Product On This Surface.

2. This Product Is Suitable For -20 C~ 50 C, Not Afraid of Day And Night Temperature Difference

3. Magic Suction Cup Can Not Be Bent, if Bent, Due to Uneven Will Lead To Normal Adsorption.

4. This Product is Very Strong Adhesion, Do Not Recommend Re-use, Please Choose A Good Location Before The Installation.

5. If The Installation Is Wrong, Please Remove it In Half An Hour Immediately, When You Tear Off The Magic Suction Cup, Please Keep The Veneer Smooth. After Removal, Clean With Water And Dry With A Hair Dryer.

Package included:

1 Pc Bathroom Shelf



  • Instructions:
  • 1. Ensure the surface is smooth, do not install on the uneven surface.
  • 2. Choose the place you want to apply, clean up the ash and grease, keep it dry and clean.
  • 3. Tear off the back protect film of the suction cup.
  • 4. Put the suction cup fit close to the wall and press the it to fix the position.
  • 5. Rotate counterclockwise to remove the product.
  • 6. Press the suction, push out the air.
  • 7. Install the assembled body, Rotate clockwise to Tightened the cover.
  • ★Use the image as a guideline for installing the vacuum suction rack.
  • Use Tips: Suction cup hooks stick great on smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as metal, glass, ceramic tile, granite, NOT suitable for wood, painted, oil, leakage and gap walls. If the hooks lose its suction due to long time use, please rinse it under warm water, then it will work again. Do not expose the suction hooks under sunlight, which might damage the suction.
  • Note:-
  • Product Size: 29.8 x 11.8 x 6.8CM
  • Color : Assorted
  • Material : Abs
  • Package Content : Pack Of 1 X Bathroom Storage Rack.
  • Material: High Quality PP
  • Color: Multi
  • Shape: Rectangle

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