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Spoon With Herb (Special For Tarka)

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Key Featuers

  • - integrated herb stripper
  • - easy to open
  • - heat resistant nylon
  • - BPA free
  • - dishwasher safe


  • - 10.5" (27cm) length
  • - integrated herb stripper
  • - easy to open
  • - heat resistant nylon
  • - BPA free
  • - dishwasher safe
  • - Infuse the flavour of herbs and spices into food and drinks .
  • -Easy to remove herbs and spices after infusing
  • - Integrated herb stripper in handle
  • - Ideal for flavouring soups, stews and casseroles or jugs of hot and cold drinks
  • USE : Herb Infusing Spoon Flavor Infusing Convenience Cooking Soup Bag Seasoning Soup spoon.
  • This Gusto Flavor Infusing Spoon Allows You To Infuse The Rich Flavours Of Spices Into Your Broths, Soups And Stews When Stirring.
  • Adding Extra Flavour to Soups, stews and Casseroles is Now Even Easier with This Handy Kitchen Utensil. Load the Bowl with Fresh Herbs or Whole Spices, Close the Lid and Simply Stir the Flavours in as You Cook.
  • Ideal for Recipes Using Whole Spices Such as Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Chillies and Cardamom Pods that Need to be Removed Before Eating. Gusto is also Perfect for Flavouring Itchers of Hot and Cold Drinks with Herbs and Spices. Suitable for All Types of Cookware.
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3 x 27cm Lid & Spoon: Nylon Infuse the Flavour of Herbs and Spices into Food and Drinks Easy to Remove Herbs and Spices After Infusing Integrated herb Stripper in Handle
  • No longer do you have to fish around in your stock for that stem of rosemary or worry about getting all the bay leaves out of your stew. This Gusto Flavor Infusing Spoon allows you to infuse the rich flavours of spices into your broths, soups and stews when stirring. The container opens wide and is easy to fill, empty and clean.
  • To stir the flavour into your favourite drinks, fill with lemons and use in your drink jug. It also includes an integrated herb stripper in the handle that makes quick work of removing the leaves from rosemary stems and more.
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