LAPTAB Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone q1-bluetooth-headphone Product Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Black
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 10 Meters Distance
  • Superb Audio Quality
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Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

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Key Features

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 10 Meters Distance
  • Superb Audio Quality

Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Details

Product NamePrice
Nia Q1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Price in Pakistan (updated)2202

Do you like to move around a lot as you jam to your music and work at the same time but the wire is always in the way? These incredible Q1 - Bluetooth Wireless Headphone by Nia are the answer! Laptab is here to spark your music addiction with latest headphones NIA Q1. Extra Soft cushion for superb comfort and speaker provide real and natural sound. Pure stereo wireless sound. This is Superb sound without wires. There are many qualities of this earphone as this fantastic product is extremely portable and lightweight, super amazing sound, wear very comfortable for you to create personal music space, gives you incredible musical movement. You would love to carry them wherever you go.

What’s more, NIA Bluetooth headphone allows you to operate in the range of about 10 m which enables you to talk hands free. It has 2.1 version of bluetooth that produces high-quality audio with less interference and proves to be anti-noise to a large extent. Additionally, the headset lets you take calls and talk back with its noise cancelling function and built-in mic. It also features remote control operation (play, stop, next) of basic music player functions via Bluetooth connection.

Besides this, NIA Q1 wireless headphones consume lower consumption as well so you can use it without any tension. So just connect this bluetooth headphone with your bluetooth enabled devices such as your smartphones, laptops, tabs, the computer, and even with the latest invention of today which makes your life easy and trendy and you will not need of cell phone in your hand to carry.

So, get your hands on these portable headphones and enjoy Wireless Music!

Package Content:

1x Bluetooth Headphone

1x Charging Cable

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Distance: 10m

Color: Black

Package Includes:

1x Nia Q1 (Black)

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