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Portable Safe With Revolutionary Motion alarm

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Portable Safe With Revolutionary Motion alarm Bought by 94 people! HOT SELLER!

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Key Featuers

  • Lockable case with built in Motion Detector linked to a loud 90dB alarm!
  • A 90dB alarm attracts attention quickly and keeps going while the safe is moved.
  • The lid is securely fastened by motor-driven lock.
  • The easy-to-use keypad locks the lids without the need for a key.


Being a true geek, you carry your most valuable gadgets with you and keep a close eye on them, of course. But unfortunately there are situations when you have to leave your belongings alone; for example, when you go swimming. Separated in this manner from your precious items, you have to throw a hectic glance at them from time to time. In this way, relaxing at the beach or in the park becomes impossible. Wouldn't it be nice to have a safe or an alarm system for you belongings?

This doesn't have to be a dream, because the Yelpie is actually both!
It's a real safe: The lid closes motor-driven and can be locked with a code. Because it is made of very solid material, it can't easily be forced open.
It's also an alarm system: By typing in the code, you arm the Yelpie at the same time. If someone tries to carry it away when it's armed, the movement will be recognized and the Yelpie will sound the alarm after 5 seconds (this is the time remaining for you to type in the right code when you move the Yelpie accidentally). The word yelp in Yelpie has to be taken literally, because the alarm is given in 90dB. This is so loud that thieves will surely drop the Yelpie, since the sound can be switched off only by typing in the right code.

Of course, the Yelpie is water-resistant. Inside it measures 25x12x9cm, offering enough space for mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, sunglasses, etc. Larger objects, that don't fit into the box, can be secured by wrapping the delivered strip around them, which can be also used to easily take the Yelpie with you. The carry strip is removable and can be adjusted from a length of 75cm to 1,35m.
We don't want to conceal that, unfortunately, notebooks don't fit into the box. ;)
When you carry the Yelpie, you may also hear a metallic sound, generated by a small ball, which is a part of the movement sensor.

But with the Yelpie you don't have to be concerned about your belongings anymore when you're at the beach, on a LAN, at a festival or at a camping site. Just put your gadgets into the box when you can't take them with you, close it and arm it with the code. As long as you don't hear a loud yelp you can be sure that everything is in the right order.

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