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NOVA NV-818 USB LED Lightning Mosquito Killing Lamp

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NOVA NV-818 USB LED Lightning Mosquito Killing Lamp Bought by 81 people! HOT SELLER!

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Key Featuers

  • Get clean and clam atmosphere by Mosquito Killing Lamp around you.
  • It has quiet working system and do not disturb your sleep at all.
  • Has no toxic chemical pesticides and has no harm to body health.
  • You can put it in your room, office and other places for convenience.
  • For connection it has USB port and Kill mosquito in kilometer off the ground.



  • Apply to living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, yoga centers, hospitals, car
  • With no involvement of toxic chemical pesticides,it is safe,
  • without any harm to body health
  • meanwhile whisper-quiet, which does not affect your sleep at all.
  • 1.Connect the plug with the USB Port.
  • 2.Put theelectric mosquito killerone meter off the ground. It works better when no body.
  • 3.Pressing the button on the top of the device, then the light will open and the fan will work.
  • 4.Turn on the storage box in counterclockwise and remove the mosquito dead body with brush. Suggest 3-5days to clean the storage box once.
  • 5.Please don't place theelectric mosquito killerunder strong light or strong wind.
  • Rated Voltage : 220V100~220V
  • Rated Power : 5W
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