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LAPTAB Mineral & Fit Bone Meal - 400G mineral-fit-bone-meal Product Mineral & Fit Bone Meal - 400G Black
  • Best for bones
  • Full of minerals
  • For dogs
  • Contains lucosamine and cartilage protein
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Mineral & Fit Bone Meal - 400G

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Key Features

  • Best for bones
  • Full of minerals
  • For dogs
  • Contains lucosamine and cartilage protein

Mineral & Fit Bone Meal - 400G Details

Product NamePrice
Mineral & Fit Bone Meal - 400G Price in Pakistan (updated)2313

Dr. Clauder Pro Joint & Aktiv Mineral & Fit - Knochenmehl Spezial - Bone Meal
Supports joints and mobility.
Because vitality also means a joy of life. 
Take advantage of the valuable ingredients of our products that support the body in both the prevention and combating an existing lack of synovial fluid and cartilage tissue. They contain high levels of essential ingredients such as glucosamine and cartilage protein, which can not be attained in the required dosage with the daily nutrition. As tablets, in powder form or as a liquid, here you are provided with optimally tailored products. And so, the specific regeneration of joint fluid and cartilage tissue is assisted and the strengthening of the ligaments is taken into hand.
Dr Clauders Mineral & Fit Bone Meal
Mineral nutrition for dogs. Ideal for slef-blenders and Barfers. The high content of calcium and phosphorus in a ratio of 2:1 is ideal for self-blending and Barfing. It complements the basic nutrients with minerals in natural proportions. Without vitamin supplements.
Minerals, vegetable by-products.
Feeding advice / administration advice:
Young animals and pregnant / nursing animals receive twice the daily ration. The dosage may be varied according to the animal. Mineral & Fit Special Bone Meal can be mixed in, or sprinkled over the food.
Body weight


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