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Roll N Go Cosmetic Bag

Rs. 999 Rs. 1500 33% off

Insta Hang

Rs. 1199 Rs. 2600 53% off

Coral Tree Jewelry Holder

Rs. 1700 Rs. 2500 32% off

Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer Jewelry Box

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3500 28% off

Original LEd Light by Optiled Cree LED Flood Lights

Rs. 1200 Rs. 2200 45% off

Large LED Mirror

Rs. 2200 Rs. 3800 42% off

Pack of Reco Dancing Bulb

Rs. 1950 Rs. 2800 30% off

Lovely Mushroom Atmosphere LED Desk Lamp

Rs. 3949 Rs. 4000 1% off

Minnion Playing Lights

Rs. 1650 Rs. 2200 25% off

Pokemon Rechargeable LED Lamp

Rs. 1200 Rs. 1999 39% off

Side Table Ceramic Lamps - Circle - Off White

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3200 21% off

Side Table Ceramic Lamps - Plates - Brown

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3200 21% off

Side Table Ceramic Lamps - Plates - Grey

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3200 21% off

Side Table Ceramic Lamps - Stones - Brown

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3200 21% off

Side Table Ceramic Lamps - Stones - Grey

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3200 21% off

Antique Petal Wall Clock - Large

Rs. 2700 Rs. 3400 20% off

Diamante Spiral Wall Clock Black And Silver

Rs. 4900 Rs. 6000 18% off

Home Decoration: A new Hobby?

It’s been a while that decorating homes has come out as a new hobby. We usually see every home getting decorated with stuff whether it be from an artistic person, or a beautifully crafted artifact from a store. Who doesn’t like to decorate their homes with exquisite, and catchy items, and products. Well, if you are a kind of person who like to keep up their home attractive, and beautiful then certainly Laptab has a lot to offer to you!

Decoration pieces are taking over the world. No matter how big or small your house is, you will still be inclined towards making your house a living heaven for yourself. And that’s usually done by adorning the four walls of the house.

It’s not surprising to know that a beautiful house opens up your mind for creativity, and boosts up the inclusiveness in the home’s environment. Quite obviously, looking for the right things at the right price is not easy task. You have to run through markets, explore new shops, and assess every décor item carefully before you can buy it. It is quite a hassle, and consumes a lot of time.


What do we have to offer?


Laptab has come up with this amazing idea of selling exquisite, and marvelous products at amazing prices, and wonderful options to choose from. Now Shop home decoration products online in Pakistan. Laptab has served hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers, and that has created an impact; encouraging us to keep up the good work, not compromising on the price and quality of the products. Quite a hassle free activity, No? You can choose from a wide range of classy décor items that you can use to decorate your home.


Buy Home Decoration Products Online


Laptab has a wide range, and endless varieties of products to offer. You can always choose the right decoration pieces from your home, sitting on the comfort of your home, and exploring the newest products.

For example, Insta Hang. This device makes your life easier by providing the hassle free opportunity to hang your products on the wall. It’s safe, and easy to use procedure makes it a fantastic use!

More products include LED Mirror, Coral Tree Jewelry Holder, Roll n Go Cosmetic Bag, The original toilet bowl light night and many more to choose from!

Jump into the online store of Laptab and discover the endless opportunities, and products.

Do not waste your time, and check out now from a wide range of Home décor items. Laptab is the name that offers the quality, and do not compromise on perfection. Get your hands now on the most exquisite products that this online shop has to offer.

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