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LAPTAB Auto air compressor auto-air-compressor Product Auto air compressor Black

Now you can use ac compressor in daily routine!

  • 5M air hose with a brass quick-releasing adapter
  • 120PSI high-quality pressure gauge
  • 3M cord with battery clips with 3PCS LED




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Auto air compressor

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Key Features

Now you can use ac compressor in daily routine!

  • 5M air hose with a brass quick-releasing adapter
  • 120PSI high-quality pressure gauge
  • 3M cord with battery clips with 3PCS LED




Auto air compressor Details

Product NamePrice
Auto air compressor Price in Pakistan (updated)9730

Now Air compressors have made life easier for people on countless fronts since the early days of automotive assembly.

Laptab is providing good quality of air compressor which is the heart of an A/C system. Without one, you’re left with simple blowing fans that do nothing more than suck the outside air and its atmospheric temperatures into your vehicle. You can visit: power tools

Moreover, As a high-end portable automotive air compressor tire inflator, when it's in your car, you can use the car cigar charger by switching down the "DC" button, or if you're at home, the wall charger or plug outlet certainly will fit by switching down the "DC" button, if both sources are connected, then, both buttons are working;

Car lighter air pump is mainly tire compressor can be used as the inflator when pressing down the "|" switch, while there's another main scenario as this provided: as the blower when pressing down the "||" switch, it helps you to clear up the tables, or surfaces with dust, dirt, etc.;

By the same token, this compressor tire inflator is with a maximum pressure of 160 PSI(11 BAR), you can set the value that fit your need by pressing down the "+" or "-" button to increase or decrease(there're 3 types of measurements, which are PSI, BAR, KPA); at the meantime, there's the bright 3-dot LED light, you can turn it on whenever you need it, it's useful especially in the dark area;

What smore, car air pump manual, With the back-lit digital pressure gauge, whether it's the cars, SUVs, sedans, bicycles, sport balls, mattresses, air boats, inflatable toys, swimming pools, you named it. This electric tire inflator would be ok if it's inflatable;



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Q: AOA I want to purchase this INGCO Air Compressor as Fe Sabeel Allah for a needy person who repairs puncture and fills air for cycles motor cycles sometimes 1-2 cars maximum of 10-15 per day He is sitting on the road under a tree and does not have electric power for which we have made arrangement for a battery and charger He charges the battery in the night and uses during the day Kindly advise if INGCO compressor is suitable for the purpose stated above If I receive a positive reply I shall immediately place order Jazak Allah Khair

A: Awaiting reply from the Team

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