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Tire Pressure Monitor System Alarm 4 Internal / External Sensor Temperature Gauge

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· High accuracy, Using Freescale imported chips.

· Environmental protection solar cells(650mAh).

· Air pressure alarm.

· Air leakage alarm, prevent tires from bursting.

· Real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature.

· Sensor accurate wireless transmission.

· Anti-theft nuts.



  • High accuracy, Using Freescale imported chips
  • Easy installation;
  • Environmental protection solar cells(650mAh);
  • Air pressure alarm;
  • Air leakage alarm, prevent tires from bursting;
  • Real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature;
  • Sensor accurate wireless transmission;
  • Simple user interface;
  • Anti-theft nuts.

Match sensor(charging/vent):

Long press "menu key" 3 seconds to "U/S",then short press "menu key" several times to enter"LID" interface,it shows ID of four tires and car icon.Short press "left/right select key" to learn ID opertion.Select tire you plan to learn ID of sensor by press"menu key",default setting is "FL">"FR">"RR">"RL.When tire is selected,display new "ID" in receiver after active sensor's ID(internal sensor active by charging/vent tier,externsl sensor active by repeat installation).Do the same operation to match other three sensor.When all sensor are matched,short press "menu key" to save and go to "Ex".

Product description:

Solar TPMS is in the ordinary TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) based on a flight-type upgrade, with features: real-time monitoring tire pressure, tire temperature, permanent life! Thus solving the general TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) repeated charging, occupying the cigarette mouth, occupy a series of DVD display and other deficiencies!

The composition of the solar TPMS is the same as that of the ordinary TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), which is composed of a solar TFT screen receiving display and four pressure sensors / emitters. As the generous power generation panel long life, to provide at any time charging, so that the reception of the monitor power storage more robust and lasting; even in the absence of sunshine in the dark environment, rain and snow weather conditions can still serve more than 15 days, There are USB charger interface, dual charging system device to ensure that the machine really permanent life.

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