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Meiji FMT Infant Formula Milk Powder - 400g

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Meiji FMT Infant Formula Milk Powder - 400g Bought by 82 people! HOT SELLER!


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Key Featuers

  • Fortified with DHA 
  • Includes Milk-phospholipids.
  • Contains taurine
  • Contains a balanced ratio of iron, calcium.
  • Proteins are processed into a soft-crud


Good feed to children is so essential to make them healthy and intelligent since the beginning. That is why LAPTAB presents Meiji milk powder for the bright future of our families. There are lots of supplements that are packaged in this Meiji FMT, which nourishes your little champs.

Strong bones: there is a balanced ratio of calcium and iron to strengthen bones.

Proper growth of brain: (omega-6) and (omega-3) are the precursor of arachidonic acid(ARA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that prevent your infant from diseases and good for brain and skin.

Improve digestion or stool properties: the proper amounts of isomaltooligosaccharide are good for gastric problems and constipation, which infants face usually. Proteins are also packed in it that makes it easy to absorb and digest.

A good alternate of mother feed: it contains taurine, which finds in mother's milk. So it considers necessary for infants because it is vital for the heart, brain, and blood cells.

Except for the properties mentioned above, this milk has Milk-phospholipids and DHA along with the great taste. Additionally, it is too easy to dissolve appropriately and quickly. So let's make your future healthy and smart. After all at here the Meiji FMT 400 g price in Pakistan as best as its quality.MorinagaBf-1 and PediaSure are also here.

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  • Fortified with DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).
  • Includes Milk-phospholipids.
  • Contains a balanced ratio of α-linolenic acid (omega-3) and linoleic acid (omega-6)
  • Contains taurine
  • Contains a balanced ratio of iron, calcium.
  • Contains proper amounts of natural ß-carotene, which is considered to be a vital antioxidant.
  • Proteins are processed into a soft-crud

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