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Leachate Storage Rack With Magic Sticker

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Key Featuers

  • Space is Everywhere 
  • No Drilling And No-Nailing
  • Easy To Use
  • Very Strong Adhesion,


Product Description

1. Latex Paint Wall Or Paper Wall Surface And Other Brittle Installation Of The Surface, After Installation May Hurt The Installation Surface, Please Carefully Consider Whether To Install The Product On This Surface.

2. This Product Is Suitable For -20 C~ 50 C, Not Afraid Of Day And Night Temperature Difference

3. Magic Suction Cup Can Not Be Bent, if Bent, Due To Uneven Will Lead To Normal Adsorption.

4. This Product is Very Strong Adhesion, Do Not Recommend Re-use,Please Choose A Good Location Before The Installation.

5. If The Installation Is Wrong, Please Remove it In Half An Hour Immediately, When You Tear Off The Magic Suction Cup, Please Keep The Veneer Smooth. After Removal, Clean With Water And Dry With A Hair Dryer.


1. Avoid Direct Sunlight, Keep Away From High Temperature And Fire When Use The Product.

2. Avoid Using Alcohol And Dilute Product To Wipe Or Clean The Product.

3. It Can't Be Installed If The Surface is Too Rough, Convex Surface is Too large and fragile.

4. Dirty Wall, Dampness And Easy To Peel Off The Surface Of Peeling And other mounting surface cannot be installed the product

5. Do Not Hang Precious, Fragile Or Dangerous Items On This Product.

6. As Plastic, Iron, Stainless Steel And Other Accessories Part Is Very Sharp please pay attention to avoid scratches.

7. Do Not Place The Product In Children Accessible Area To Avoid Injury.

1 x Leachate Storage Rack With Magic Sticker

  • Space is Everywhere 
  • No Drilling And No-Nailing
  • Good Quality Material
  • Easy To Use
  • Magic Sticker
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  • Space is Everywhere 
  • No Drilling And No-Nailing
  • Easy To Use
  • Very Strong Adhesion,
  • Suitable For -20 C~ 50 C

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