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Eye Care Massager online

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Key Featuers
  • 100% new brand and high quality.
  • Improves blood circulation,
  • Eye muscle tension and eliminates eyestrain
  • Sinus relief and migraine relief.
  • Prevents or alleviates dark wrinkle and eye pouch.

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Eye Care Massager online Description

Brief introduction:

Point MassagerMagnetic Multi-frequency vibration. This Product is designed computer-basedstructure to according of eye region and distribution of acupoints different.(Which are made from gel silica of high purity and is inlaid with selected highefficient medical rare earth permanent alloy magnet, neodymium iron boron, toproduce good flux. A small motor controlled by chips IC can produces differentmassaging effects according to different speeds.

Massager Price in Pakistan

* 100% new brand andhigh quality

* Improves bloodcirculation, eye muscle tension and eliminates eyestrain, sinus relief andmigraine relief

* Prevent high myopiaor suspends turning into myopia

* Prevents oralleviates dark wrinkle and eye pouch.

* Helps insomnia tofall asleep and relax nerves

* Suitable for anyonewho excessively use eyes, like writers, IT workers, students, accountants, longdistance drivers etc.

* 24 neodymium builds amagnetic field on micro-circulation, magnet massage dots.

* On/off switch. Automode, manual mode.

* When default time 5minutes is due, it is shut off automatically.

* 9 massage modes:moderate massager, strong massager, knead, soft knead, soft massager, strongbeat knead, moderate beat, soft beat.

* Adjusting massagetime, safe eye health care, easy to control the massage periods.

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Eye Care Massager online Specification

  • 100% new brand and high quality.
  • Improves blood circulation, eye muscle tension and eliminates eyestrain, sinus relief and migraine relief.
  • Prevents or alleviates dark wrinkle and eye pouch.

Eye Care Massager online Reviews

Ashfaq Ahmad 2018-03-25 05:28:21
The product "eye massager" has manufacturing fault as all its weight comes to nose instead of eyes and the surrounding area. And pushing nodes do not push the eyes and surrounding areas as the product has designing fault. Mechanism of the product is good (if they affact on the right place)
Qandeel Naeem 2018-03-25 01:13:40
Hello. Thanks i have recieved my parcel. But it wasnt upto my expectation. I expected a better quality. Thanks
Faisal iyas 2018-03-23 01:04:46
Bakwaas tareen or paisoon ka zia kia hai main nai.
Ashfaq Ahmad 2018-03-20 14:26:43
Is it an electronic device? If yes what kind of batteries and how many used. And many much time the batteries last?

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