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Electricity Saving Box

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Key Featuers

  • To save energy usage for family and office. 
  • To maintain and supply a constant and stable electric supply voltage
  • Prolong the lifespan of the electric appliance,
  • To reduce maintenance and replacement cost. 


  • Electricity-Saving Box (ESB), Intelligent Energy Saver is the latest electrical product developed to save energy usage for family and office.
  • On our daily usage, only 60% -70% electricity supplied was utilized by our electrical appliances, the rest are wasted.
  • This is due to the reason when power supply during peak period, in order to avoid low voltage to the terminal of customers, a higher volume of electricity is supplied.
  • Such superfluous electric voltage not only result in customer paying higher electricity bill than actual but also shorten the lifespan of all the electric appliance.
  • With the ESB, it maintain and supply a constant and stable electric supply voltage with functions to attain the stanza electricity which will prolong the lifespan of the electric appliance, reduce maintenance and replacement cost.
  • Just plug in ESB, immediately saving electricity and money every minute, every second
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1.Intelligent electric Power saver for home, Shop, School, etc...
2.Search Exclusive Distribution agent for every country
3.OEM your brand
5.CE Available
6.Patent Design, protect your market.
7.Material: 100?S, Hi quality, Heavy
8.Rated Voltage: 90V-250V
9.Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
10.Big size: 130*80*40mm

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