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Electric Pillow Warmer

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Key Featuers

Keep your family Warm and Cozy

Use Electric Heated Pillow for kids, parents, family for instant relief.

▶Multipurpose use for body, cold hand and feet.

▶Easy to Carry anywhere, in car/bike etc.

▶Make Water Hot is 5-10 minutes

▶Water Remain hot for hours.

▶This Pillow is hassle free--Replacement of hot water bottle



Electric Pillow Heater

Remain warm in this cold winter!!!

To keep your body warm, you have to trouble yourself of boiling water or using hot thick blankets. But we have a solution to your problem by giving you a perfect soft Electric Pillow Heater which can provide heat and your body feels fresh.

Laptab offers this Best Electric heater which is New Age Replacement for Traditional Hot Water Bottle. It provides warmth to your whole family and you can feel your family’s warmth and love by offering this product to them.

Small electric heater pad is used for the application of heat to a specific part of the body. You can also keep it inside the quilt to heat up the quilt. Moreover, you can use it on low temperature.

You can save yourself from the problem of boiling water on gas or heaters because it runs on electricity. In just 5 to 10 minutes of electric charge gives heated pad for 120 minutes warmth. Water remains warm / hot for several hours. Outdoor electric heater pillow is hassle free you can use it at all the places where you can find electricity. You can carry it anywhere like in car, bike etc.

If you want this product than hurry up and place your order at our website @Laptab.com. Chance is yours if you avail it, you can get a best dealing product from us. Come visit us and have fun to scroll our website.

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Electric Pillow Warmer Electric Pillow Warmer


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Read what others have said about us:

I purchased this hot water pillow about a couple of months ago. It proved to be very useful. It's so much easy to use during this winter season as it helped a lot in relieving pains caused due to cold weather. Keeping in view the good service, I have ordered another item from Laptab. They deliver the order well in time and quality of item is also very good.

Reply by our Technical Team:

Thank you soo much sir for your response.. LAPTAB

Best product I'm addicted of this pillow heater I really like it awsome product????


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