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Fix It Pro ! Car Scratch Remover

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  • Works on any color,
  • Goes on clear and dries clear with UV hardeners to give the area a shiny.
  • No sanding tools needed.
  • Scratches disappear immediately.


Are you conscious about your expensive Car and anxious about any scratch? You do not need to worry, now LAPTAB is presenting a Smart tool “CAR SCRATCH REMOVER. It enables to remove the scratches immediately from your car and renew the look of your car from any damage or any bad impression. You do not waste your time to go to the workshop, you can easily overcome the scratches at home quickly. In addition, Car Scratch is a fast acting home repair kit which facilitates you to fix different bad spots and scratches which reduce the beauty of your home appliances, electronics, tiles or kitchen accessories. You can just apply it in any concerned area and dry clearly with UV sunlight which makes the defected part shiny and have graceful look. Further, Scratch Remover is odorless, non toxic, water resistant and permanent to apply on any color easily and get good results. Moreover, you can also visit Car Scratch Remover Pen for repairing your Car at home easily.

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    1. Shake Fix it! Pro applicator thoroughly with cap on, Apply Fix it! Pro in shaded area

    2. Prime the applicator on a separate surface. With tip pointed down, PRESS & RELEASE spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated. Protect tip from sunlight! It may take 40 to 50 presses to saturate the tip.

    3. Apply along & into damaged clear coat. Work quickly, Fix it! Pro cures in direct sunlight, Apply at temperatures above 55 degrees (F).

    4. Quickly wipe off excess with dry paper towel, as fix it! Pro can cure rapidly. Allow to cure in sunlight until dry (1-48 hours).


    1. This Pen will only remove light scratches and may require additional application

    2. This Pen does not remove dents or deep scratches!

    3. Replace cap after use / Keep away from children!


    1 x Fix it! Pro

    1 x SPARE TIP

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i received malfunctioned product.

Total money waste

Good product

Lovely product in reasonable price. Prive is far batter then other online shopping.web sites.


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