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3D Body Massager & Face Massager

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Key Featuers

  • Y-design , kneading massage the skin and lymphatic system by the roll ball.
  • Promotes blood circulation, eliminate excess fat, eliminate edema.
  • No charging, waterproof, easy to clean.
  • Compact and portable,you can carry it everywhere, use it anytime.
  • You can even use in shower.


3D Body Massager & Face Massager

Are you curious how to slim down and reduce fat from your face and body? We can provide a best solution to this curiosity. Laptab offers you with a great product which can serve to this purpose.

Body Massage Machine is a perfect solution. This machine has a very unique Y shape body which is very easy to held and comfortable rollers which help to contour your face and body. Moreover, it is made of ABS polymer materials and surface is plated with platinum. This Massager do not contain any harmful metals and made by following health and safety measures. People with sensitive skin can also approach our product and try these rollers.

Handheld Massager facial roller has no charging system as well as portable and can be carry easily in your luggage at any place and can be use at any time. Dear customer you can use this massager during bath because it is waterproof and easy to clean.

Massage Machine promotes blood circulation, eliminate excess fat and eliminate edema. Moreover, it helps you get smooth, firming and resilient skin. Also help to tighten your face, arm, leg, waist, etc. You get perfect body by using these rollers. People who suffer from fatty face, flabby cheeks, edema, muscle sagging, dull skin, butterfly arms, stout legs can also use this product. It can also improve your lymphatic system. To get better result you can use these rollers regularly and check the difference it produces.

To get advantage from these features of our product you can visit our website @laptab.com and order these rollers and make yourself beautiful and attractive. We provide the best price for you so that you enjoy your life and stay healthy.

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