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Not all Powerbanks are good for your device.

This era of mesmerizing technology products has come up with so many problems that needs to be catered hand-by-hand. All these problems are basic...…

Amna Rasheed
This era of mesmerizing technology products has come up with so many problems that needs to be catered hand-by-hand. All these problems are basic and require a proper caring of the device like Battery draining, LCD/LED screen protection, Waterproofing etc. Most of those problems can be solved without using anything, if taken care of properly, but this one main issue ‘battery drainage’ needs to be catered on the go. Imagine, you are on a long route to somewhere and one the way your battery dies. Wouldn’t that be an unpleasant moment? Yes it would be! In order to cater such an issue, Powerbanks are used. What is a Powerbank? A powerbank is a rechargeable battery pack that helps you charge your phone or laptop (or any other compatible electrical device) when you are away from a charging port. Which Powerbank is The Best for you? Now a lot of those people, who even, at the basic level, know the answer to ‘What a Powerbank is?’ but what, not only them, but most of others fail at looking whilst buying one. Today, in this article, Laptab feels the need to tell you through this guide as to which Powerbank can prove to be perfect for your use. Consider this before going to buy a Powerbank… The main reason you are going to buy a Powerbank is that you need an external charging support. And for those External Charging supports to work well, there are some things that need to be considered before you proceed to choose one for your device.
  1. Check the battery size of your device
The first step before proceeding to buy a Powerbank is that you should check the size of your battery. (P.S By saying ‘Size of battery’ we do not mean that you should check it with a meter rule). Considering it with an example; Let’s say, I have an iPhone 5s and I need a Powerbank for it. Now the first step for me is to see the battery mAh of iPhone 5s battery which in this case is 1560mAh. Another example, I have a Samsung J5. Now I need to check how much battery mAh this device has. So either I am going to check the battery sticker on which it is written otherwise, Internet is always there to help you. Just search it on Google and you’re all done!
  1. Looking for a ‘sound’ powerbank size
We at this place define being ‘sound’ as being appropriate. In the 2 cases we considered above, one was iPhone 5s with a battery size of 1560mAh. Now the main thing to see in a Powerbank is that the Powerbank should be at least rated at 1600mAh (or closer). It is the “Least” rating we have suggested here for iPhone 5s. You can buy the powerbank with greater mAh but in some cases it would be of no use to you and just a waste of money. If you need to charge more than one device simultaneously then look for a Powerbank with grater mAh so that you can charge your device twice or thrice with one full-time charge of Powerbank.  
  1. Checking the Power output
Just a little more reading and you’re all ready! After you have chosen your favorite sized powerbank, now look for the Power Output of that External charger. Usually, the International ‘most used’ standard for Power output is 5V, 2.0A. And this too shall work with your device but in rare cases the power output of ‘Powerbank’ should be equal to ‘Power input’ of your mobile charger.  
  1. Price and Quality
Before buying any Powerbank check that if the quality of the Powerbank is in line with the price you are paying for it. And it is necessary so that you are not overcharged for something of not that worth.  
  1. Additional Features
Many branded Powerbanks available in the market come up with some new fancy features like circuit protection, two-way charging, fast-charge, LCD monitor status and many more. It is an Add-on for your Powerbank. Make sure the Powerbank you are choosing consist of at least one of the features mentioned above. Laptab’s Suggestion There are plenty of fancy Powerbanks in the Laptab.com.pk’s Powerbank category to choose from. Furthermore, we at Laptab care for what is better for you that’s why we have a range of branded and trusted Powerbanks for your device to choose from and amazingly, they are all in compliance with the guidelines mentioned above.     Laptab’s favorite are:
  1. Romoss Sense
  2. Samsung 12000mAh
  3. Xiomi 10,000mAh
  So this was it. Laptab wishes you a very good luck for buying your favorite Powerbank out of hundreds. (:
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