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How to use a juicer machine? Step by Step Guideline

How to use a juicer machine? Step by Step Guideline   Before using anything you always need a piece of proper information about the working...…

How to use a juicer machine? Step by Step Guideline


Before using anything you always need a piece of proper information about the working of that specific thing. Here is my blog, I am going to talk about a juicer machine and the steps to use it efficiently. Buying a new juicer for the home can be fun. Before purchasing it you get to think about all the smoothie recipes and juices which you want to make first. But, when it comes to using a juicer you need some basic guidelines which I am going to elaborate on in simple wording so that you can go through them easily.

There are some basic steps to use a Juicer Machine everybody should keep in mind.

Step by Step Guideline:

Step 1: Wash your appliance thoroughly

Step 2: Orient yourself with your Juicer

Step 3: Clean the area of work

Step 4: Cut slices for juicing

Step 5: Set up your Juicer machine

Step 6: Plug in the machine

Step 7: Start juicing with variant speed

Step 8: Occasionally check collection and pulp container

Step 9: Use strainer for refining juice

Step 10: Collect the remaining pulp

Step 11: Rinse the parts of the juicer neatly

Step 12: Enjoy fresh juice


Now we will discuss each step of working one by one;

Step 1: Wash your Appliance thoroughly

Since we assume that you already have a juicer machine at home. What is the first thing you should do before using it? Yes! you are much familiar with hygiene. First of all, wash out your juicer machine fully so that no dust is left. It is a very important step because new plastic has a smell that will disturb the quality of your fresh juice. So, cleaning will help to wipe out any kind of dust or smell stuck inside it.

Step 2: Orient yourself with your Juicer

To master operating a juicer machine you should know about the basic parts of the juicer. Familiarize yourself with them first.

For Example; Power Button, Collecting bowl, Feed slope, Pusher, Basin, Pulp collector

Power Button- Different types of juicer machines have different styles of power turners. It can be a rotating knob or many buttons with variant speeds. So, check your machine and find where the buttons are. Think out of juicing modes that it provides. Moreover, you can also play around with all the buttons one by one as a practice to get to know all features at once.


Collecting Bowl- It is a bowl where the juice is extracted out from the juicer machine.

Feed Slope- It is the tube from which you put fruits and vegetables you want to squish into juice.

Pusher- It is a kind of plastic rod which you use to push the vegetables and fruits to get squashed into the main chamber of the machine.

Basin- It is the main chamber where all the ingredients are squeezed to get fresh juice.

Pulp Collector- The material apart from juice is collected in this chamber. It contains all the fiber and pulp residue which is waste.

Spout- It is the nozzle from which juice comes out to the collector.

Step 3: Clean the area of work

Use a dry and clean area for juice extraction. Hygiene is very important for you and your family. Also put some basic things aside used while juicing such as; knife for cutting fruit and vegetable slices, cutting board, cups, glasses, etc.

Step 4: Cut slices for juicing

Wash the ingredients so that dust is removed. Further, remove any stem or leaf attached to any fruit. If the fruit contains any rotten area cut it out because it tastes stinky. Use the types of fruits that are not much hard to get chopped.

-You can use juicy fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, pineapples, tomatoes, berries, grapes, strawberries, melons, plums, peaches, etc.

-And vegetables like chard, cilantro, cucumber, kale, mint, parsley, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, etc.


There are certain fruits you need to peel off the skin like; bananas, pineapple, avocado, etc. Then cut the fruits into small slides so that they can fit into the tube. It is not recommended to put the whole thing in a juicer unless it is small enough. If you are going to make plant extract then it is advisable to roll up leafy parts into balls so that maximum juice is squeezed out of them.

Step 5: Set up your Juicer machine

Place your juice extractor to a certain place where you find yourself comfortable. Make certain that you will not find any obstacle while extracting juice.

-Adjust the collector Find the spot where it is easy to adjust the collecting container just underneath the spout so that the juice must not spill out on the countertop.

-Remove the lid of the machine to put slices you cut recently in a small amount.

Step 6: Plug in the machine

Now plug in the switch and start your juicer machine by power knob. Gradually add the ingredients one by one so that they will not overflow. Take caution not to push hard so that the blades get damaged. Use a pusher lightly to drag down the slices into the basin.


Step 7: Start juicing with variant speed

While juicing, you should use variant speed by pressing different speed modes it contains. Try medium speed so that you get maximum juice out of the pulp. If you follow the procedure with speed then it will lead to having an uneven texture of your juice containing some amount of pulp. So, to get the best and fine texture to the overall liquid you should work gradually and carefully.

Note- You should not force the ingredients in a feeding tube and also don’t operate the machine for a longer period at a time to work constantly. Otherwise, the motors will get overheated or burned.

Step 8: Occasionally check collection and pulp container

While juicing, check occasionally the collection container so that it will not overflow. If it's a full stop machine for a moment and replace the container with the empty one. You should also lookout for the pulp collector if it is overloaded. If the pulp collector is full stop the juicer and removes that part to empty the pulp catcher. Then again put it into place to start further working. This fine working will save your juicer to get overworked or damaged.

Step 9: Use strainer for refining juice

After you are done with juicing, use a wide strainer having small holes so that the remaining small particles are removed and maximum pure juice is strained. Put the strained juice in glasses.


Step 10: Collect the remaining pulp

Remove the pulp collector and check whether the pulp has the capacity for more juice to be extracted out. If yes! then again put the pulp in the feeding slope to extract all the remaining juice.

Step 11: Rinse the parts of the juicer neatly

Plug out your machine, disassemble the fragments, empty the pulp collector, and wash the parts with mild soap and water. Maximum people choose to discard the pulp but there are many things you can make with the remaining pulp if you want. You can use it while making purees, pasta, baking, cooking, etc. Do not wash the motor area otherwise the water will damage it.


Step 12: Enjoy fresh juice

Enjoy the fresh juice with family and friends to stay lively and healthy!


Final Thoughts:

Enjoy refreshing drinks in the scorching heat of summer. As you all know, fresh juices have a great nutritional value, they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and refreshed. Above all, by this blog, I hope now you know all about how to use a juicer. Grab all information to start your hands-on juicing machine!

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