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Top Tips for doing Online Shopping in Pakistan

Top Tips-Tricks for doing Online Shopping in Pakistan Future is Online Shopping. Billions of Dollars spent annually on E-commerce worldwide that obvi...…

Top Tips-Tricks for doing Online Shopping in Pakistan


Future is Online Shopping. Billions of Dollars spent annually on E-commerce worldwide that obviously will rise. Particularly, Post Covid scenario changes the world drastically.


In Pakistan, E-commerce is at a growing stage. That saves you and your precious time and energy. Even you get a quick view of price comparison and brand reputation etc. And only a single click makes your desired product at your doorstep. 


Unfortunately, there are some black sheep in the online market. It hurts online buying that affects the sellers and consumers too. Even the so-called biggest online e-commerce in Pakistan does not fulfill their promises while whole social media fills with their scams (that is another story why is it so). That’s why the following are a few top Tips; that we want to share with our audiences while shopping online.


Never Ignore Reviews


Every online website has a review section and Facebook or other social media pages. That can tell you everything about a brand:

  • Read reviews that what other customers are saying about product quality, delivery services, customer support, and website.
  • Confirm the transparency of the Facebook page, when it was Started etc.
  • Ask from different social media groups about a brand, if reviews are disabled.


Physical Address of Brand on Website/Fb Page and Pin Location on Google Map


  • Authentic Businesses are never afraid of giving their address and Pin Location on their Websites. But Scammers do avoid it.

Be Vigilant while reading the address. It should not a general address Like I. I Chandigarh Road or Phase 2 DHA Lahore. It should be Like Plot 7c, Street 6 Mustafa bad, Lahore.


Easy Return/Exchange Policy

Please check the Easy Return/Exchange Policy page of Seller, and reconcile it with their reviews.


Let open Parcel Before Payment

While ordering on any website, via call or website page, do mention to let you open parcel before payment. Although, TCS and Leopard Courier Companies don’t allow opening parcels.


 But many other logistic companies like TRAX, BLUEX, SWIFT, etc can open parcels on Shipper’s Request. This could be a litmus test if Shipper agreed on this or not.


Ask Original Images on Whatsapp

Get an original picture of the product on WhatsApp or Messenger from the seller. Because most scammers copy images from Google and don’t have a physical product in stock.


Ask from Delivery Boy

Another unconventional way to avoid Scammers is to ask a delivery boy about the reputation of a particular brand. Treat riders friendly, and they will give you a true picture.


They know the Reputation of most brands, the reaction of the customer, and the complaints.


Now let be a bit technical.


Security Is Priority

Security is so necessary to check. If you are on the wrong platform, then you will be at high risk of revealing your private information or financial account details. So if you follow these some tricky tips, your data will be safe ever.


Check the legitimacy of the website

At whatever e-commerce store you are, for shopping. Check firstly, whether this website is legal or not. There are some main and easy indications from which you get to know the legitimacy of the website.

  • Padlock Symbol: There is a sign of lock at the left corner of the URL bar to assure the safety of the website.
  • Website Address: The other indication is the website address which should be starting from https://. The ‘S’ is the main key to identify the secured website.
  • The validity of Website Certificate: For verification, you click the padlock and a block appears. Who gets to register the website, is mentioned in the block.

But if you do not get any sort of information, please avoid shopping and move to any other secured website.


Avoid Detailed Information

Avoid putting detailed and irrelevant information while placing your order. Especially avoid sharing account numbers and private information through e-mail.


Always Use Credit Card

Always prefer to use a credit card than a debit one. A debit card is directly linked to a bank account that will be at high risk to be hacked. But the credit card provides you some protection if your card number will be in the wrong hands.


Avoid Public WIFI

Never use public WIFI and put weak passwords during online shopping. As you are at high risk, and your information may be hacked easily.

As says, to get everything on a single roof is difficult. But it is also true that nothing is impossible. So there are some best ecommerce stores in Pakistan just like LAPTAB.COM. That assures the security of customers and their information through its legitimate secured website.


Awareness is Wisdom

Such admirable online company allows you to open the parcel before payment and mentioned their complete address with NTN on the website as well as on social media channels. Their 16 hours dedicated Customer support 03102004444 from 09 am -11 pm makes it accessible for you and other worthy customers for any assistance.


Happy Shopping! With Satisfaction

Moreover like these well known brand advise their customers to make a video while opening their parcels through SMS and emails, which indicates they are honest to their Customers. With more than 400 Customer reviews on their Facebook page, and thousands of customer’s videos makes it a trustable website

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