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As age is advancing, we are getting more and more high-quality products. In the meantime, Speakers and Headphones are one of them. Nowadays, many people love listening to music and podcasts, as well as watch movies or tv shows with clarity. Listening habits around the world have changed dramatically since the turn of the century. So, LAPTAB thought of brining a whole new showcase of speakers and headphones for its customers. Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can be a good example for you.

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Remax Wired Music Earphone RM-910

Rs. 1397 Rs. 1700 17% off

Proda Pauz Series Wired Earphone PD-E200 - Black

Rs. 829 Rs. 1099 24% off

B11 Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 1249 Rs. 1500 16% off

Samsung Level U Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Rs. 2200 Rs. 2799 21% off

High Quality Extra Bass Headphones

Rs. 1450 Rs. 1799 19% off

Nia Q6 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Rs. 1950 Rs. 2800 30% off

Elmcoei Ev168 Sterio Handfree Good Sound Quality

Rs. 349 Rs. 600 41% off


Rs. 449 Rs. 800 43% off

Remax Stereo Handsfree Rm 512

Rs. 899 Rs. 1000 10% off

Bluetooth Karaoke Mic with Built in Speeker- Boom Beatz

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2000 25% off

Remax Bluetooth Speaker RBM13

Rs. 1999 Rs. 3000 33% off

Remax Stereo Handsfree RM 569

Rs. 799 Rs. 1500 46% off


Rs. 2999 Rs. 500 -500% off

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Bose Sound Link Mini

Rs. 1499 Rs. 2500 40% off

Wireless Headphones are trending more in upcoming age. People like to wear Headsets as they are comfortable to wear and don’t hurt our ears. The tension of wearing wires, there is also a Wireless Handsfree present, which gives you a high-quality sound effect.

Some Speakers which give loud and quality sound to listeners. Bluetooth Speakers are now high in demand because they can operate from a far distance.

Categories of Headphones:

Bluetooth Handsfree:

We have a large stock of different Bluetooth Handsfree. If you are finding a good quality sound and base handsfree, then you can check our products like Bluetooth handsfree , Earphones, Stereo Handsfree. Lap tab offers the best price and quality product. If you have any problem regarding the product, please let us know.

Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree:

If you don’t like to tangle in wires, then you can choose wireless handsfree as it is entirely operated by Bluetooth system by connecting to your device. At Laptab.com.pk, you can find several products related to your style: Wireless Handsfree, Wireless Earphones, Remax Bluetooth Handsfree, Samsung Wireless Handsfree.

Bluetooth Headset:

Superb sound without wires is not some joke because Laptab brings you a very stylish headsets through which you can enjoy listening to your music free of foul noises. We have significant amount of variety in this category, which you find perfect to your taste. You can visit our other products because we give our products at reasonable prices in all our Pakistan. Wireless headphones , Bluetooth headsets, Headset, Sony Bluetooth Headphones.

Gaming Headphones:

Game lovers will love our headphones because we have super featured headphones that are very comfortable with microphone in it. They are perfect for computer and game use. At Laptab you can get these at low a price. Also, you can search similar products on our website: Gaming Best Headphones, Computer Headset .



Small but fits perfectly in your ears. These mini ears bring you an impression of space, and you feel music or voice just as you are there. It also has a fine battery so that you can use it for more extended period. On laptab.com.pk you can get these at lower prices than other sites. As our motto is to bring best product for you at small amounts. You can check the products on our website as Stereo Dock Bluetooth Earphones, Redmi Air Dots Bluetooth EarPods , Bluetooth earbuds.

Categories of Speakers:

Portable Wireless Speakers:

Some music makes you want to move, and now you can have this advantage by using Portable wireless speakers. You can carry them to outside on your travel, school, offices, etc. They have long-lasting battery so that you can you use them longer. Laptab.com.pk offers great speakers at reasonable price with a more extended warranty. You can check products on laptab : Mobile Wireless Speakers, Mobile Stereo Portable Speaker.

Bluetooth Speakers:

Speakers have become advanced nowadays. You can connect them to your cellphones, laptop, and other devices. They can operate from far by using either remote control or by other means. Remax Bluetooth speaker, Bull Bluetooth Speaker are the products at Laptab which can help you to enjoy your music fully. Low price, Quick delivery, Good quality are our main essence. So, feel free to ask any query related to our products, we will be delighted to answer your questions.


Speakers and Headphones nowadays are necessary item for a young age as they are fond of music and need them in other daily life activities. Our products have various features that are useful as headphones are wireless, portable, and Bluetooth. Speakers are also compact and have Bluetooth. So, they can carry anywhere and useful in parties, meetings, functions etc. They have long lasting batteries, sturdy base and amplification with high frequency. Laptab delivers its products at 24 to 48 hours of time at very meager prices all over Pakistan.

Our prices are the lowest in Pakistan. Since we believe in quality and minimum margin, we stick to our motto, “jo dekhta hai wo milta hai” So, you can reassure yourself regarding our products and can order yours with confidence. We will not let you down.

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