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Manual Fruit Juicer

Rs. 2500 Rs. 3100 19% off

Hand Blender - HB-615

Rs. 6400 Rs. 7000 8% off

10 Shape Biscuit Cookie Press Machine - Silver

Rs. 2100 Rs. 2700 22% off

Space Saving Plastic Storage Clothes Hangers

Rs. 999 Rs. 1500 33% off

Hand Blender Electric - 350 W

Rs. 4299 Rs. 4899 12% off

Instant Noodles - Pasta Making Machine

Rs. 2950 Rs. 3550 16% off

Noodles Pasta Maker Machine

Rs. 4300 Rs. 4900 12% off

Onion Slicer - Chopper - White

Rs. 1350 Rs. 1950 30% off

Hand Mixer - MK-GH1

Rs. 6300 Rs. 6900 8% off

MX GS1 - Hand Blender

Rs. 6350 Rs. 6950 8% off

2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Mill Spice Grinder

Rs. 1200 Rs. 1800 33% off

Grinding Machine

Rs. 2499 Rs. 3099 19% off

Spiral Vegetable Cutter - White

Rs. 799 Rs. 1299 38% off

Air Freshener with Automatic Dispenser

Rs. 2750 Rs. 3350 17% off

Fan Shaped Metal Shelve Magic Suction Cup

Rs. 1400 Rs. 2400 41% off

Foldable Towel Shelf

Rs. 2299 Rs. 2750 16% off

Inflatable Sofa - Green - 68573

Rs. 8800 Rs. 9800 10% off

To upgrade the lifestyle is always a priority everyone’s life and becomes a need as well to some extent because of today’s materialistic era. A man earns for this purpose, be acknowledged, and try to update his and his family’s living style. Your home and its accessories are a significant source of representation of your life spending style and also set your status of life. LAPTAB’s home and lifestyle department provides a wide variety of products regarding every part of your home, whether it is your living area or cooking area. These products are not just limited to external features like good appearance and the latest design. All of this stuff is trendy and has high quality as which can promote your life patterns.

Caters every single corner of your home:-

 Home and lifestyle corner from laptab.com takes care of your home in a tricky and advanced way. As your living room and the drawing room is the first introduction of yourself and your lifestyle to any guest who comes to interact with you. So the lap tab’s home and living section provide you with various ideas to improve your living strategies. Similarly, kitchen and washroom appearance and neatness are matters a lot in the representation of any home. There are a lot of kitchen accessories, home accessories and, bathroom accessories are available for updating your home, even in fewer budgets. Despite all that, the department of the home decor including side table lamps and wall clocks is always vital in the case of home appearance. Reliable collections of the product can decorate every wall, every hole, and every item of your home. 

Section of Home and living:-

 There is a wide variety of the part of the home of living. It categorized into other subcategories. Every category is full of the package and has a lot of variety. Just like bathroom accessories have a massive range of products, which would be a great addition to your washroom in the form of rack or shelves to increase your storage places, soap dispensershowerheads, and whatever you want. 

After had a look at the earlier section, home accessories are also needed to be the focus of attention. Because of its smart and trendy products that not only organize your home items by providing air sofa and laundry basket also manage your home affairs, which create a mess sometimes in-home and hurt the appearance of home just like cloth stand and towel rackHandbag standshoe rackironing mat for protection of your iron and clothes, cosmetic storage box, and many more other products are available for you to organize and manage your home in such a beautiful way that enhances the beauty of the house.

Trendy products of home décor do the decoration of the home in a low budget. Stylish wall stickers are enough to give a new look of your wall. Sparkle laser lightelectric candlesphoto props of different themes are here for decorating your home or conducting party at anywhere and anytime.

The beautiful collection of Wall clocks, cover your whole wall and provide an impressive look to your rooms. Like Acrylic wall clockDIY wall clock, and many other modern designs also enhance the beauty of your home. Similarly, stylish table lamps will prove to be a great addition in your home, such as a ceramic lamp that is perfect for the bedroom. While the desk lamp is ideal for study or offices, work at any time and a lot of products which you can use to highlight your home’s beauty.

Section of kitchen accessories:- 

To manage and organize the kitchen is the main task of any home and a challenge as well, especially for ladies, because it plays a pivotal role in the appearance of any home. Although the kitchen is a significant part of any home, so there are a lot of things, including types of machinery, different kinds of tools, stylish utensils and storage boxes, shelves, and many sorts of such products come into contact for quick and hit cooking. As demand and need of today’s kitchen, our kitchen accessories provide a great variety, which divides into subcategories.

 Like many sorts of spices jarsfood containers, and storage shelves are packed in kitchen organizer that broaden your kitchen and make it easier for you to manage your kitchen and food. 

The BBQ Grill is composed of different sorts of grills that are best for conducting BBQ party outdoor or indoor. It can be possible through these products like foldable bbq grillfish grill basketBBQ toolset, and many other such grillers and tools are available for BBQ lovers to have a great BBQ. 

Kitchen tools include different cutting tools that consume less time and energy. Despite these, the latest machinery with reasonable prices like hand blendersandwich maker and many more, help you to prepare food quickly.

To sum up, everything or every home accessory has its importance and role separately, which becomes the cornerstone of any home while together and form a standard lifestyle. So, all these high-quality products are available for you, at any time and anywhere with free home delivery, along with quick and fast services. You need to choose and pick, place your order, and your desired product will be at your doorstep as soon as possible. Laptab.com.pk is always with you as being a good guider regarding product information, usage at every time. After all, we are here to serve you at any time and try to provide you with excellent assistance at any cost.

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